Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Little Blue Collection

For way over a week, I have been trying to think of something to show you.  Many things are on my mind these days and my thoughts seem to rush through my head faster than I can latch onto them.  That may explain why I am getting next to nothing done around here.  It's that focus thing I keep talking about.

 Anyway, today I was thinking about the post I did a few weeks ago about Bluetts.    (I love saying the name of those sweet flowers!)  Thinking then of the color blue, I decided I would show you some of the few things I own in the color blue. 

 There is a blue/white pincushion I made several years ago....two strands of DMC floss, a very thin needle and the chain stitch, with a beaded edge.  I should make some of those in my favorite colors...have I even begun to do that? NO. There is that little doll dress I bought long ago.  Just love it!  Some buttons, threads, bits of broken envelope/hand/bluebird button I bought long ago at the Houston quilt show.  A vintage blue plate...a tiny rose dish filled with blue straight pins.  My sister-in-law, Sandy, gave me that.  It is very teeny and sweet.  (Thank you again, Sandy!) And, a Star pillow given me by my sweet friend, Jean.  She is dear...over 90 and puts us all to shame!  And, makes me laugh...a really GOOD thing!  Thank YOU...Jean!

Two little books...very sweet.  I have a small collection of vintage and new LITTLE books and these are two of the newest.



This is a card from my son...his photograph of San Francisco he took one day out walking Bernal Hill.  Well, I think that's where he was...that is his neighborhood.  LOVE IT!  

This is the lid of a small box.  The largest of two sent to me filled with 'goodies' by my friend, Jackie, in Waco, Texas.  Maybe someday, I thought I'd try to do my version of this basket in embroidery....simplified, of course!   Well, you never know...if I can find light bright enough I could do it.  Just got some new lights...maybe they will help.  (Thanks again, Jackie...these two little boxes bring me great pleasure and good cheer!)

I bought these two little birds in Texas.  Out shopping with my sister on a visit there.  Very cute little things!  The butterfly is a ceramic pendant I purchased at the Houston Quilt Show also.  I don't remember what year.  Then, the blue Dragonfly pin....a gift for my friend, Sherry, to be given her when next we meet.


Got this little embroidered bird just the other week...two for $1.50.  They spoke to me.  I may also do these myself one of these days...quite simple to's just taking the time to do it.  Someday!

 A tiny pitcher....pretty.

A close-up of one of the books.  Sitting on a vintage quilt.  

 And, a couple of verses and a lovely picture from the book.  Love it~
 Of course, you know you can enlarge to read the verses.  Quite wonderful in themselves.

Can't leave out that great platter.  It has sweet blue flowers...only a fraction larger than the actual Bluetts out in the yard!  In the background on the right...more embroidery.  Lovely stuff!

I disappoint myself when I don't post as often as I think I should....but these days it is sometimes hard to do it.  I know it matters not to anyone else...but I like to think I'm doing a good job and when I take too long between posts...well, let's just say I feel like I'm letting you, and myself, down.  I do intend to do better.....but for the next several weeks...maybe even a bit longer...I will still be 'in and out' of here.  In this 'new' life I am trying to find my way in - well, there are things that need doing in it and there is no one here but me to figure it all out and get it done.  Some changes to certain areas of life might help and I am working on them, with the help of my two kids. I will find my way back to enjoying my simple little life here and then I will be more able to focus and share with you the things I love.  I hope you will hang in there with me.   

Til next time, pat  ♥


Julie Fukuda said...

I am having a party with birds and blue and white fabric. (Making a gift for some neighbors who gifted me a plant)
Maybe I will have some pictures to share in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post that touches my heart, and I thank you for it. I feel like a kindred spirit, as I, too, am surrounded by the lovely nostalgic things that make me happy, with my mind full of needlework projects that just may never come about - but maybe they will! Someday...
Sending my best from Pennsylvania, Ruth

Jane S. said...

What a lovely selection of blue items! The sweet little birds made me smile -- I gave my father a bird very similar, and after he passed my mother made sure it came back to live with me. I think of him every time I see it!

A wonderful post, thank you so much. :)

ChrisTea said...

Like pulling magic out of a box.

Have a good one.

Jaybird said...

It's lovely girlie....
MANY hugs to you,

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