Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Christmas Quilt + A Giveaway Winner

I wanted to post this little quilt again this year....everyone seems to love it, so why not?  And, you all know I haven't made a quilt in quite some time, so this is about the best I can do right now.  I want to tell you about it......but not before I announce the winner of my Christmas Giveaway. 

 I appreciate the response I received on this Giveaway and want you to know I am intending to do more of this 'giving thing' in 2015.  So, this time the lucky winner is CYNTHIA!!!!  I will be sending her an email as soon as I finish this post.  I hope she enjoys her 'loot' and that you all will try again on the next Giveaway, you never know...someone has to win it and it could be you.

 Cynthia, I will mail this tomorrow if you give me your address right away!


 This little crazy quilt was made in  1995 and it has been in lots of places and has been seen by lots of people.  It spends most of its time in my quilt closet just waiting for the Christmas season.  It measures 21 1/2 inches square.  The fringe is, at its longest,  4 inches. 


 I used vintage and new little doilies, beads, ribbons, buttons, applique, embroidery, and lace to make it.  I chose to use patterned fabrics rather than solids.  Something I have become fond of doing, and of course, not following the usual 'rules' of crazy quilting.  It is also made of 100% cotton fabrics, but not the silky satins or velvets, etc., mostly used in this type of quilt.  It's just the way I 'roll' as they say.


 When I sewed that narrow little border onto the quilt, then followed with the large floral seemed kind of 'blah' to me, but when I decided to add the lace....well, I was very pleased at that.  Of course, you know, once I start adding things...I never know when to quit.  More or less.  I do reach a point when I have to make myself stop.  That 'point' is different on each and every quilt, I've found.

The funny thing about this lace (yes, there IS a story about everything!), I had to go through lots of my lace 'stash' to find what I wanted and when I found it...there didn't seem to be enough of it to go around that border.  I carefully measured and there was enough with ONE INCH leftover.  To me that says THAT particular lace is THE one for that Quilt.  So, I sewed it on and once again, decided I needed to add something else.  At that point (there's that 'point" again!),  I did a random Herringbone Stitch over the top edge of the lace and I was quite satisfied with it then.

 Just that little touch of embroidery made the border seem so much more than it was.  What do you think?

Here, you can see some of the seam embroidery which is so much fun and one of the main reasons to make a Crazy Quilt, if you ask me.  I also add quilting stitches to my Crazy Quilts.  Sometimes a lot of it.  Another thing that is not 'usual' on such a quilt.   Look closely, you'll see it here and there

I also beaded the entire outer edge of the, on the side, you see little beads, sewn, yes, one at a time.  There are three beads in each little whip stitch around the edge of the quilt.  I could, and have in the past, spent many an hour doing this kind of work.   Tedious to many, great FUN to me!

 I added the backing onto this quilt the same way you would make a pillow case, sewing three sides, then turning the quilt right side out and hand stitching the last side closed.  I wanted to make it appear to have a binding, so I quilted about a half inch inside the edge all the way around.  Gives it a little more body.

 Here you can see a line of quilting right down the center of that narrow border.  I like the way that looks.  When I quilt a Log Cabin Quilt, I also stitch down the center of each 'log' rather than 'in the ditch.'  I'd like people to see where my quilting stitches are.  I'm funny that way!

 Another look at one of the doilies.  This one has a bit of silk ribbon embroidery on it.

 A peek at the back of the quilt....I made the quilt because I loved this Christmas fabric.  Just had to have a bit of it and still think it just 'makes' the quilt.

  Here's a look at the beaded fringe at the bottom of the quilt.  One of the most fun eight hours I ever spent.   I didn't count how many hours it took to do the rest of the fringe....I'm not fond of keeping count of those hours.  I figure if I really knew, I'd never make anything!  And, besides, it's a labor of love anyway.  (The quilt was flat on the table as I took this photo, so the fringe is 'messy.'  Below, it looks much better as it hangs!)

This beading is done with random numbers of beads.  I like doing this because you don't have to count each bead.  I have made other fringes where every bead has to be counted to get the result  (pattern) I want.  Random is FUN, Counting is TEDIOUS.  I love both methods!!

So, there you go.....a WINNER and also a look at one of my Christmas quilts.  Congratulations, Cynthia, I'm emailing you right away.  For the rest of you, I thank you for commenting and wanting to win...good luck to you in my next Giveaway and thank you so much for visiting me.  You make my day with your comments and I appreciate you taking the time to do it. 

 Until next time...stay safe and warm.....♥ pat

                                    My Christmas Quilt                          The Giveaway


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Congrats to Cynthia!! Merry Christmas.

I love your Christmas Quilt. It has such a vintage feel, before Christmas became commercialized.

Merry Christmas!!
xx, Carol

Sheila said...

Beautiful quilt! Congrats to Cynthia
Have a Merry Christmas

Maureen said...

Your quilt is so beautiful! What a clever way to use the doilies. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Jaybird said...

That is amazing Ms. Patricia!!! I love that the narrow border has music notes on it!
Blessings to you,

Julie Fukuda said...

What a great way to put those little vintage goodies on display!

Patti said...

Your Christmas themed crazy quilt is beautiful. I especially like the fringe. I hope that you have a peaceful holiday filled with family and friends.

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