Monday, January 12, 2015

A Friend's Gift x 2

 I recently received two gifts - one from my friend Jim and one from a reader of my blog...also a friend, just one I have never met - Sandra.  Both gifts are amazing each in their own way. 

Let me begin with the gift from Jim.  He actually made this tote bag for me....I intend to carry knitting, or other projects in this great tote.  He also made sure it had plenty of pockets inside for all the little things I might need.  It's cool.  As you can see, it's made from a tapestry fabric and is quite roomy.

And, it says "Home Sweet Home."  Well, you know I like that!

 This tote is very special because Jim personalized it for me by burning designs in the wooden handles.  Flowers, of course, and then my name.  Who wouldn't like that?  

He also added my last name on the other handle....I like that...and this makes it very personal, indeed.

Leaving no space untouched, he also burned a little design on the inside of the handles.  Too cute!

 The second gift was sent to me by Sandra....we have exchanged many emails back and forth lately and I was surprised to receive REAL mail from her.  How sweet was that?  The "Gentle Art of Quiltmaking."  By Jane Brocket, published by C & T Publishing.  It is gorgeous!  The photography is quite beautiful and I love the styling of the various quilts, each in their own setting.

 This blue quilt is pictured on the cover...more about it inside. 

 My very favorite quilt in the book is a Log Cabin variation...actually, a Half Log Cabin.  It is named "Purple Rain."  While purple isn't my favorite color, this quilt is spectacular and the Log Cabin IS my favorite pieced quilt pattern of all, so I gravitated to this quilt in particular.  Delicious!!!!!

 I love the mix of fabrics in this quilt...I nearly always love quilts made of a mixture of prints and if they are mostly floral...well, there you are!!! 

 Aren't they just beautiful?

 Here is the back of the book....with peeks of what else might be in store for you to see. 

People can be so generous.  One, I have known for over twenty years, another, a very new acquaintance, each thinking of me at a time when they somehow knew I needed to be remembered.
 Thank you very much...Jim and Sandra, I am very grateful for your kindness.

Hope you all are keeping warm, safe and cozy!

Till we meet again, 


Julie Fukuda said...

Jim is a good loyal friend who knows what will please you and that book is surely one to enjoy.

Letitia said...

Special friends are a true blessing in life.

Sheila said...

Beautiful gifts.

aryh884 aryh884 said...

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Thistle Cove Farm said...

you're welcome, Pat. when I first saw the book I, I have that book. yeah, that's me...easily confused and more easily entertained. -lol-

Lynn B said...

You have received such wonderful gifts, they really must have made your heart sing! I love the bag with the detail on the handles.

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