Monday, January 5, 2015

A Vintage Wish

A Vintage New Year Wish....yes... I know it says "Birthday Happiness."  So, I'm wishing my friend, Sherry, a Very Happy Birthday, even though I'm four days late.  While I wish her a happy birthday, after reading the verse on this vintage print, it came to me that this little greeting could also stand in for a Happy New Year Wish.  So, I'm going to wish Sherry and all of you, a Happy New Year, all in the same post.  May you all really have "good luck and happiness in 2015!"

This print is just the kind of thing I look for while hunting and gathering  in the flea markets.  I  wasn't aware that I wanted to collect these Buzza prints until I found this one.  I found another that is of the same era and style but it does not have the same name on it.  They are so dear, so very "old-fashioned," as they say.

 And, this verse...well, I would like for you (and me too!) this very kind of year....only I'd add a bit more....a year that doesn't go by so fast it's a blur!

 I'm thinking this basket would be a great model for an embroidered piece.....What would you say, Sherry?  Are we up for it?  It would certainly stand on it's on as an embroidery...but what about in one of your Crazy Quilt pieces?

 Even the little motifs toward the bottom are worthy of embroidery.  That is gold foil there....looks like hundreds of French Knots to me....I think I may be inspired by looking at these photos of this know, I can easily be led astray by beautiful vintage things....


Thought you might want the pertinent info at the bottom.  I actually found a photo of this one online.  Would love to find more in my flea market hunting sometime.

So, there you are....another wish for your New Year and a birthday wish for Sherry too! 
Til we meet again....


Sherry said...

Oh, Pat! That is beautiful and I'm honored that it would make you think of me. Thank you for that! It's certainly perfect for both birthday and New Year wishes. And, yes, it would be wonderful inspiration for a stitched piece. Let's do that!!!

Sheila said...

Pat, That is a beautiful piece. Before I finished reading the post, I was thinking that it would make a pretty stitching piece.I do more cross stitch, but want to do more embroidery this year, and try other things as well. I also wondered about the gold on the piece.
Please share you progress if you stitch it.

Jaybird said...

Hi there,
Lots of wishes for you as well...hope this year is one of peace and calm for you!! I can't wait to see all of those French;-)

Maureen said...


A Bit of Heaven

A Bit of Heaven
An original designed wall quilt with my vision of heaven on earth.