Friday, February 6, 2015

Broken, But Still Beautiful

 Do you remember this pie plate from long ago?  Shown here on the plate stand.  I was so excited when I found it at the flea market as I had never seen a pie plate exactly like it.  In fact, not one anything like it.  Later, I found a matching plate in my cabinet.  Who knew?  Just beautiful!!


Here it is again....later that pretty!   And, then came the move to another house....

And, look what happened!  Yes, the lovely pie plate got broken in the move.  And, it was MY fault.
Made me sick, as the minute I picked up the box it rattled.  Not a good sign.  And, in it, the broken plate.  Along with that piece was a candy dish with birds, and a tiny bowl.  Why is it always the things you love that get broken and not just any old plate or bowl?

 I could not bring myself to throw away all the pieces, so I gathered them all together and put them in this vintage McCoy dish.  Green, my favorite color, and the pieces looked good in it, so I decided to add all the broken pieces - pie plate, candy dish and bowl - and I'd just continue to enjoy seeing them in my new home.  One way or another.

Such a shame!
 But, no crying over spilt milk...they are only 'things.'  I said that to myself several times.

Just things. 

Looks like life, doesn't it?  Well, like mine....broken - but still beautiful!


Someone loved this long ago.   And, I do too.

The candy dish.  

 The birds are so cute!

Here is the bowl...from an old photograph.  The pitcher is fine.  They are English...very dainty and delicate. 

 The bowl.  Darn it!

I have this vintage McCoy dish....decided all the pieces would look good in there are my rescued pieces.   Living in my dining room as a reminder of their former beauty.  Fragments of my other life, it seems.


Here, carefully be rearranged time and again, over and over, as I please.  Still a delight to behold.  At least in my eyes.  A memory, really, of days gone by and treasured.

Until next time, 



Jaybird said...

Oh my, but I will have to say....I would have kept the pieces too..the flowers are just too pretty to get rid of!!!
Most of our everyday dishes are antiques..who does that????.... and quite a number of them have fleabites and small chips. When asked, I just tell people that I use those so that when I break one...I don't have to worry :^)
Blessings to you Ms. Pinky!!!

Sherry said...

You made lemonade! Beautiful!

Sherry in Little Rock

Julie Fukuda said...

I am still keeping the pieces of a ceramic cat that was broken in the earthquake. I loved that piece so much it is hard to throw it out. I have never seen another like it either so it is not something to go out and replace.

Sheila said...

Hi Pat, I don't think I've seen a pie plate like that either. Very pretty. I would probably keep the pieces myself.

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