Monday, February 9, 2015

Hearts I have Made, Revisited

So, while I am embroidering tiny hearts, I thought since it is February, I'd show you some hearts I have made over the last few years.  There are more, but this is a selection, and most of them now live with other people, in fact, were made for them.   This one, about six inches long, embroidered on felt, well, I still own it.  And, there is a black one further along, that I still have.  The rest live elsewhere.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.

 Silk ribbon embroidery on Battenburg lace.

This is, if I remember, a piece about ten inches square, maybe twelve. A
pillow, sold long ago.

 This little blue pincushion, also gone....lives in California. More silk ribbon, on painted linen.  I think it is three inches square.

 An ATC card, also long gone.  One of those tiny hearts I'm now working on...this whole piece is about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2."

 I've made many of these over time.  I hope they still bring pleasure to those receiving them.

 This is that black one I mentioned....I'm pretty sure it is the first crazy quilt heart I made.  Hard to see in this photo, but the background actually is four different pieces of black fabric.  This one is about three inches long.

A lot of beading on these.  Part of the fun (and also the work!) of course!

 Another tiny embroidered heart on this one!

 These vary between five or six inches long.

 Really red!  Used a red heart butterfly necklace on this one, without the chain, of course!
Another embroidered heart, too.

Variegated thread on these tiny embroidered hearts.  

 I'm a fool over leaves!  Love stitching them everywhere!

Red and Black.  Another embroidered heart.

 Another ATC card.  With more hearts.  And, those leaves!

This embroidered heart was made with a different take on the French Knot, this one has a 'tail.'  You know I have a weakness for French Knots......

 And, there you have them....Hearts I have made over time.
Well, February, and all that!!!!

Until next time,


Sheila said...

Hi Pat, The hearts are just beautiful!! I love all of them, I couldn't pick a favorite.
One thing on my list for the year is to learn more ribbon embroidery.
Have a Happy Valentine's day.
Take care

Christy said...

I've loved all of the hearts you've created but, I must confess, I loved the ones with the long beading the most. Were all of those adopted out?

Artist Brian Haggard said...

Pat girl you are the sweet heart that make all of those come to life.
As I have always said I love your work it inspires.
I am greatly in love with the log cabin quilt in the back ground what neat idea to shot the picks on that quilt. As always a fan of your work.
Brian Haggard The Crazy Haberdasher from Indianapolis IN

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Happy Heart Month!! I always LOVE to see your collection.
xx, Carol

Letitia said...

I have one of the precious hearts you make. A dear friend asked you to make it for me and my husband in honor of our wedding! I love it!

Letitia said...

I have one of the precious hearts you make. A dear friend asked you to make it for me and my husband in honor of our wedding! I love it!

brenco1 said...

My heart to yours and Happy Valentine's Day. You know I love your work.

Barbara McClintock said...

Pat, my dear needle friend! You are just one of the most talented people I know! I love your hearts. . . and just about everything else you do!

Hugs to you,


Jaybird said...

Those knots with tails are do such lovely work!! I've been showing off my mixed media heart for the last few weeks! It is beautiful too!!

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