Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Grandson's Sailboat


This is my grandson Tyler's sailboat.  He and a couple of friends took it out on the lake over the weekend.  The part of the weekend without rain.  He sent this photo to me via his cell phone.  It was taken by his cousin.  I think it's a nice photo.  Ty has had this sailboat for a couple of years now...he's done some restoration work on it.  He didn't fall far from his grandmother's tree, as he likes to 'find' things.  This sailboat he found on Craig's list.  For FREE.  He had to drive to Little Rock to get it.  It came complete with trailer.  Nice find, I would say.  So, Happy Sailing, Tyler!  Be safe and enjoy!!

Until next time, 


Laurie said...

Awesome! He got that and the trailer for free? I've never been on a sailboat, though it does look so peaceful and relaxing. Have you gone on it yet?

Christy said...

Ohmygosh! I don't know how people find these deals!! I hope he has a safe and wonderful time with this boat. I hope you have some good times on it, Pat.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a deal!! I love to sail. I used to work for a sailor and he took the office staff on his boat a few times. It is so peaceful and relaxing sailing from shore to shore across the lake. I'm always happy to hear that someone finds their "beach".

How the heck have you been? Still on the Crazy Train here, but all is quiet at the moment. I am breathing deeply for as long as it lasts...lol.
xx, Carol

Jaybird said...

Wonderful!!! I'm a little bit jealous, but WAY TOO OLD!!!!
Be blessed,

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