Monday, June 29, 2015

Searching for Heart Rocks

So here's a story about my continuing search for Heart Rocks.  It really is an ongoing thing.  And, you should know that my son says I see heart rocks because I want to see them, not necessarily because the rocks I find look like hearts.  Remember that as I continue.....

Last Wednesday, mid-morning, I was outside watering some plants....deadheading some flowers, getting some sun, pondering the state of the world, and just 'doing my thing.'  I had the phone out there with me...and sure enough, my favorite son called.  Now, I was out on the patio....and it just so happens there is a pile of rocks sitting there, rocks that I removed from one of the flower beds last week with a shovel.  They are waiting there for me to get rid of them.   I'm standing there, talking on the phone....and I just happen to look down at my right foot for some reason...and there, right next to my foot, staring right up at me, yes....side by side....TWO Heart Rocks!!!  Talking to Scott....who thinks I interpret all rocks I find as Heart Rocks,  I say to him - "OMG!  I see two heart rocks right by my feet."  "Oh, I'm sure you do," he says, laughing.  "Oh, I really do," said I.  He doesn't believe me. So, I took them in the house, washed them off, took a photo with my iphone...and sent it to him.  "Oh, I guess you really do," he said, surprised.  Yes, indeed!  Right there they are in the photo above.  I think I know a heart rock when I see it!!!  Well, most of the time anyway.

So, a bit later in the morning, I make my usual trip to the mailbox.  My sidewalk and driveway are made of concrete with millions of little stones embedded in it.  As I made my way back up the sidewalk, I looked down as something caught my eye....could it be?  YES.  A Heart Rock.
For sure.  At least, my 'interpretation' of one.  Can you see it here?  

 How about a close-up...see it now?  Sure you do.  Look closely, you might find others...I know they are there if we look hard enough.

 Now can you see it?  Well, ok, it's not a perfect heart....this one has a little chip on it's shoulder, but I see a heart anyway.

I'm feeling lucky, so decide if there are hearts in the sidewalk....there must be some in the driveway.  I launch a search.  And, wouldn't you know.....YES....see it?

 Right there.....almost a perfect one.  Do you see?

And, there....another one!  Not close to perfect, maybe one like my son thinks I imagine as being a heart.

 And, another???

 Kind of a misshapen heart here....but it still looks like one to me.

 And, finally, one more.  My neighbor across the street...I would call her elderly, but she's only five years older than I, so I won't go there...well, she called my cell phone....and asked what I was doing in the heat, walking around all bent over, did I lose something?  Oh, dear.  I said, "No, I haven't lost anything, I'm finding things."  "What things?" she said.  I said,  "I'm finding Heart Rocks embedded in my driveway."   I think I'm fast becoming the 'weird' resident on this street.  And, there really is no chance of me changing anytime soon.  I really did enjoy my "search" and I'm sure you'll hear about it if it happens again.

Until next time,

From Bird Nest Cottage


Sherry said...

Oh, you found some good ones! Funny how some of mine look less like hearts once I get them home.

Sherry in Little Rock

Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts said...

That is so funny to think how many you came across like that. It's been a long time since I took notice of rock in different shapes. Some I'll have to do tomorrow walking on the graveled driveway

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I think you are perfectly sane! And you know, I think that when we have our eyes wide open,
God gives us little treats. He knew you needed some "love" in these tender days. Just ask me all about heart rocks...but I know YOU know the story already.

Thanks for the emails, Pat! I've been working all week/weekend and I haven't had the time to reply. Thanks for the sweet and kind words you left for me.


Laurie said...

I love your heart rocks, I really need to start looking down more often Pat!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, it just brings a smile to my face thinking of you walking all over the pavement looking for heart rocks. How many people do you know that can't resist looking at clover for four leaves!! So what's so weird about hearts?

Then I'm thinking about your neighbor. Yup, I'm sure she thinks you're a weirdo, lol. How sad for her if she doesn't look for SOMETHING that makes her heart sing!

Much Love, Carol

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Every heart you showed looked exactly like a heart to me. The chips, dings and small imperfections are just like real hearts that have been full of love then broken for some reason. Looking for rock hearts is a delightful thing to do...keep it up!
I found a coral heart while in Aruba earlier this year. It rests on the ledge above the sink, a wonderful reminder of God's gracious gift and that trip.

krayolakris said...

Great story! In my family it's 2 sisters find them in random places, all the time. We are sure it's communication from above, all in love. Bless you! Thanks for sharing!

A bird in the hand said...

They are definitely hearts, even if they're a tiny bit chipped, which to me is symbolic. I found a perfect heart in my coffee cup, just after I'd poured the coffee. I photographed it. It was undeniable. I'll have to send you a photo. xoxo

Julie Fukuda said...

Oh, neat!
Did I tell you about my owl rock?
Glad I am not the only old nut out there.

Christy said...

I honestly think it's the Old Navy Man sending you love.

Jackie Mann said...

You are just blessed to take the time to look for the small blessings in our lives everywhere!

Jaybird said... even have me looking for them!!!
Have a good weekend, and go easy on the firecrackers :^)

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