Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Big "E" for the Bird Nest (and Some Clouds)

Yesterday, daughter Kelly and I made the short drive over to Beebe, Arkansas, to visit a new flea market.  It was their opening day and Funky Junque is the name.  Tiny place and so darn cute!!  I loved it.  Now, Kelly is not the flea market type, but I had mentioned this opening and the fact I wanted to go and for some reason, she wanted to go too.  A nice mother/daughter day trip and it was fun!

 She did manage to buy a few little things, mostly jewelry...and amongst her purchases was a huge letter "E."
She bought it for me!  So, when we got home, she placed it right there where you see it...on the wall between the living room and the kitchen.  I LOVE it!!!  Anyone with the last name of EATON should have a huge E in their house, don't you think?

 It was nearly too high for her to place it there, but she stretched to do it...with me holding on to her so she wouldn't fall.  Kind of like the blind leading the blind as we are both filled with such grace!
It was placed in it's new home, no accidents ensued, so all is well and if/when I need help remembering my own name...there is the perfect reminder. 

Such a nice letter!

 I think it was meant to be there.  Thank you, dear daughter!!!


 I've also named my little house....BIRD NEST COTTAGE.  One day last week it just came to me that I wanted to name my home.  For instance, my previous house (still for sale, by the way!), did not have a name but the backyard studio did...as you know...BIRD NEST ON THE GROUND.  No studio space is available here, so my whole house, with every room essentially being used as part of a new studio, I felt, needed a name.  And, now, it has one.  Only important to ME, for remembering past days.

 In this photo, I am in my car, getting ready to turn right at the end of my street.  Often, while in the car, I see something I'd like to take a photo of, but can't because I am driving.  This particular time, I was waiting for an opening in the traffic, and no one was behind me, so I took the opportunity to photograph these beautiful clouds with my cell phone.   You can ignore the reflection of my dashboard on the windshield there just above the trees.  I LOVE clouds and thought these were just spectacular! 

Another shot.  

 And, yet another.  Glorious clouds!  I wish I was a person able to paint clouds like these!  And, yes, as has been the drill the last few months....more rain began to fall. 

I'm wishing you a lovely day.....

Until next time, 


A bird in the hand said...

Here's to many happy days in Bird Nest Cottage. xo

Audra Jones said...

Ooh, I love the name! It's perfect! AJ

Julie Fukuda said...

When we re-built our house, it is between a small road on the east and a narrow path on the west.
We added four apartments to rent out on the east side and apartment buildings need to have a name.
Because of the narrow garden path leading to our eastern door, we chose the name "Le Pitit Jardin"
When mother died, we moved back to her side, expanding into two of the apartment spaces. Our entrance is on the narrow path to the west... sot really a street because all the houses face the other way. We have a one-meter strip that will some day be taken away by the city to widen the road, but that being long time in the future, we use it for a garden. When we moved back, I took out the low maintenance enkianthus and planted a small cut-leaf maple and a small shag-bark maple.
Two years ago, a friend moved house and asked us to take her Japanese maple (in a big pot) that had been on her balcony. It is happy sitting by our "front" gate and my husband is calling our house "Three Maples". Yes, I guess homes do need to have names. As a child it was "Garden Knoll"

Christy said...

The "E" looks like it was meant to be there! Your clouds are spectacular. They look low (although I know they're not). You seem really happy in your new home. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice day with your daughter!! My daughter is the thrift store queen. I don't like to go with here because I become tired of it long before she does. I love your E and that you found the perfect place for her.

Terry and I are huge cloud watchers, but rarely take pictures of them. When he worked he did and was always showing me what he saw in the clouds.

Of course you named your home! It's so Patricia!!
xx, Carol

Maureen said...

Beautiful post Pat! My daughter has such a busy life, it's great when I can get time alone with her.

Jaybird said...

Yayyy....a new flea market and an adventure with the daughter!
Love your big "E" and it has a perfect home for sure!
I think most places need a name....I have never thought of one for this house, but my old places always had a name. I think the one you chose is perfect for your home!!
Have a great weekend and blessings to you,

Laurie said...

Love your letter! When Ken and I moved here in 1997, I named our home Nuske's Nest. I never did get it into a sign, maybe it's time!

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