Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WhiteWork Pincushions

 Earlier this year I vowed (to myself!) that I would make a gift for one of my favorite bloggers.  Jacqueline at Cabin & Cottage.  I LOVE her posts!  She is so talented and feeds my love for vintage linens with not only her collection, but also her photographs and words.  So, I did make her a small pincushion and recently mailed it to her.  Yesterday, she posted it and I nearly fell over when I saw it....she made it look so very extra special.  I was, in my own way, thanking her for her beautiful blog posts which I so enjoy, but, it turns out she did something very kind for have to go and see her beautiful photographs, click here to see:  Cabin & Cottage

 After I made the pincushion for Jacqueline, I tweaked the pattern to make a smaller one for myself, not only because I loved doing the stitching, but as a reminder each time I would see it of the pleasant times I have spent reading her blog.

 And, yes, I HAD to use the Bird Bowl just because I love it too and wanted it in a photo at some point.  That point was today.  Jacqueline's pincushion is about five or six inches square.  This one is 3 inches by four inches.

 I used DMC Floche to do the embroidery...the first time I had ever used it.  Such a pleasure to stitch with.

 And, I beaded the edge with different beads also.  I do my best to never make anything more than other words, no repeats, no two will ever be alike.  I like each item to be unique and I sincerely hope they will become someone's idea of an heirloom, stitched by hand, by me, with great love.

 As I fast approach the age of 71, my days spent making things like this are numbered.  Mostly by the fact that I have OLDER EYES.  But, I will "carry on" until I just can't do it any longer.  

  So, there you are....a very small WhiteWork pincushion.  I hope you will visit Cabin & Cottage to read and SEE the story of these pincushions and how they came about.  And, enjoy viewing everything in her archives.... a great stress reliever, a treat for the eyes and a treasure trove of vintage linens.   Thank You, Jacqueline, for all you do and for showing off my work.  I am thrilled!!!

On my post of July 22, 2015, I showed some sunflowers my son was growing on his deck in San Francisco. Then, on Thursday, August 20th, I posted the heart shape I found on a recent walk.  He likes to joke around with me about finding these hearts shapes....some of which I know he considers 
barely hearts.  But evidently, he gave the whole idea enough thought to send me a heart.  One he crafted himself......The heart above is made from the harvest of seeds from one of his sunflowers.  How sweet is that?  

From Bird Nest Cottage,

Until next time,


brenco1 said...

Pat that is beautiful. You talk so much about white work and now I know why. What is DMC Foche? First I have heard about this. Your work is as beautiful as ever.

Sheila said...

Pat, The pincushions are absolutely beautiful! Love the little heart of seeds is sweet.

Laurie said...

What a gorgeous pin cushion Pat, I love the white work you did. The beads really set it off! Enjoy your little seed heart, how precious.

StitchyDon said...

Beautiful Stitching and really thoughtful heart !!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I read Jacqueline's post about your sweet little pin cushion on which you did a great job

I'll be looking up the DMC foche thing

I love to embroidery and embellish small projects

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oh my goodness...too pretty to actually use!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a lovely post, Pat! Thank you so much for featuring me and my blog. I'm so glad people have a chance to see your beautiful work and your beautiful spirit. And so nice that we can share our similar cushions! I can't imagine that your handwork could be better! How does one improve on perfect? Thank you so much again! I appreciate all the good things you have to say about my blog!

Lynn B said...

The pincushion is gorgeous, I popped over to Jacqueline' s blog to see it and it looked ever so pretty, your handwriting on the card was beautifully written too!

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