Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Little Trunk, Filled

 There's this little trunk that lives in my dining room.  It's FULL of stuff.  Some stuff leaves the trunk from time to time and new old stuff takes it's place.   Years ago, I decorated the inside of the lid with a beautiful bird and roses over top of some antique ledger sheets which came out of a ledger in the office of my son-in-law's family store. 

 (I'll show that further in this post.)

Otherwise it is unchanged from when I bought it.  It's a really fun thing to fill and refill.

So, here are some of the goodies (and there are things underneath things!) The sweetest cup with a mismatched saucer.  A really cute heart I bought for, I think, a quarter some years ago.  A hanky from Kathy's flea market I brought home last week.  The tiniest cross-stitch.  Under that is an embroidered rose, also from Kathy's. 
There's a cross-stitch rose there on a blue pretty.  A quilt square from the 30's.

A pink embroidered pincushion I made, a McCoy flower vase filled with perle cotton. 
A silk ribbon bag filled with lavender.  A silk rose.  Behind that pincushion is a swatch of fabric I liked the colors of....and,

 a wonderful pin I bought at the Houston Quilt Festival years ago. 
 It looks like a tiny quilt.  Just gorgeous!
And, then...the angel frame...holds a photo of my daughter and her son.
So cute!

 That tiny stitching on a handkerchief.

 One of my very favorite quotes from artist Katie Daisy.
And, I say it all the time. 
 When I drive down a country road and see all the wildflowers this is what runs through my mind.

 A closeup.  

 And another.

 And, more.

My favorite colors.

So, here is the inside of the trunk lid.  I covered the inside of the lid with ledger paper, then added paper napkins over it.  Those roses....just loved them and I really like the way it turned out.


Using paper napkins this way is really easy and lots of fun.

And, here is the bird....from another paper napkin.  
I'm very fond of this little trunk and do enjoy
filling it with different things from time to time.
So, another Wednesday.  
I think they go by really fast.
So,  I guess I'll say again...see you Sunday!

until next time
Bird Nest Cottage


Shortbread and Ginger said...

I love this - perfectly put together. The colour combinations are beautiful.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I LOVE how you did the lid. Was it decoupage?? just love the colors. My favorite colors are pink and green... and sometimes some touches of aqua... so everything in your trunk speaks to me! How fun to keep so many pretty and sentimental things in there! Marilyn

Jaybird said...

Beautiful!! Is the embroidery on the hanky called Petit Point??? My Grandmother used to do that embroidery. Somewhere in my collections I still have a few pieces. She even made a brooch once, that I think is still around!
She was also the pianist, and I have some of her music! Do you think I need to start paring things down??? I HAVE way too much!!

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