Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sleepless in Searcy

I can't sleep! It's one of those nights where you go over and over things in your mind, toss and turn, look at the ceiling and finally decide to get up and DO something. I made that decision about 4:00 a.m., came out into the "nest" to see what I could get into. I am! At 8:30 I am leaving to go to my Knot meeting and that will be FUN, so thought I would just jot down something in this blog. My son tells me that you should blog everyday. EVERYDAY! I could, of course, but like this one...I doubt I would say much of interest to anyone. Well, maybe I'm not, anyway, as I haven't received many comments. Well, time will tell, I suppose, so I will just keep on keeping on.

I'm going to see some neat things today....the members of my Knot are very talented people and I always look forward to what they have for "show and tell." There's never any way of knowing what they will's exciting and enthusiasm is catching. It never hurts to get a good dose of enthusiasm!

I will be showing an antique embroidered basket quilt made by my friend Sharon's mother. I suspect it was made in the thirties. My dear friend, Sharon, passed away last year, young at 56, with Alzheimer's. I think of her every day. Went to see her husband last week as he is now interested in doing "something" with her quilts and I am going to help him. She had told me long ago, that if anything ever happened to her....I should get the embroidered quilt that her Mom made. Sharon had no children to leave things to. We couldn't find the quilt til now. I was so happy to find it. It's in pretty sad shape as it was used and very loved so it will appreciate some TLC, which I intend to give it. It will be something this Knot group enjoys seeing, as they all loved Sharon too!

Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep....Excitement and Enthusiasm rearing their heads in the middle of the night. Well, that just means I'll have lots of energy during the day....all that sharing, talking, laughing, eating, remembering, living out loud! Yea!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Pat, now I need to see the quilt you showed your group. The one made by Sharon's mom. Will you bring it to show and tell sometime at guild? Or just to the shop! I love your blog because it's like being with you just chatting and I always learn something!
Love, Betty

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A Bit of Heaven
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