Saturday, July 5, 2008

Piecework Magazine 2008 Pincushion Winners, and more

This year Piecework Magazine sponsored a contest they call their "Excellence in Needle Arts 2008 Pincushion Contest." The jury is in, the news is out and the magazine may be on your newstand shelves now...or shortly. It hasn't become available at mine yet, but I'm watching, as my entry was given an Honorable Mention. I was hoping for more (don't we all!), but am happy with what I got, as the pincushions entered are wonderful and forty-four of them, including mine, will be exhibited at the Embroiderer's Guild of America headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, from August 1 through November 30th. That is an honor, indeed. (For information on the exhibit and hours and location, visit or call (502) 589-6956). To view the winners online, visit These pincushions appear in the July/August Issue of Piecework Magazine, as I said....probably being placed on your local newstand shelves now.

My pincushion, named "Home Sweet Home,"a miniature landscape, made completely by hand, is appliqued, embroidered and beaded. In one of the pictures I am showing here, you can see it without the beaded edge, then in another, the completed pincushion. I wish the photos were better. I used DMC floss to embroider the trees and wording and silk ribbon to do the wreath around the appliqued oval. The wording is done in back stitch, and the bow is beaded onto the background. The red fabric is silk also.

Also included in this post are some photos of pincushions I have for sale in my etsy shop. (
I thought you might want to see some others I have you can tell, I love to embroider, but of course, if you've been reading my blog and saw the ATC cards a couple of posts earlier....then you know I love it. All my work is done with original designs I dream up here in the Nest. They aren't always great, but they are mine and I enjoy "figuring out what to do."

I hope you enjoy looking at these and if you have any questions...just ask. Go out and get the magazine...their photos are so much better, of course. And, try one yourself. They are small, again like the ATC cards, so you don't have to dedicate your whole life to making one. Well, they aren't instant least the way these contest entries were made...but as my other examples show...they don't all have to be real complicated. Do have FUN!!! Pat


Maya Sara Matthew said...

Pat you are far too modest about your work.The little Home sweet Home pin cushion is absolutely perfect - the detailing,the finish and the choice of materials and colours are so professional.your work is so inspired as well as inspiring.Congratulations on the honourable mention.
Thank you for your comments about my TAST "pages". I haven't figured out Etsy or paypal as yet so would you and your friend consider doing a swap of either an ATC or a postcard?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat your work is so beautiful. Your eye for detail is amazing and the embroidery perfect. Congratulations on your HM - I know you must be thrilled and I'm thrilled for you. Blessings, Marlene

Sharon Tomlinson said...

As always, your handwork is beautiful. Congratulations on being in the publication and honorable mention is terrific in my book. Nothing makes me want to find time to play with needles and threads like looking at yours.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Pat, I know I've already commented but I wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog tonight. Enjoy...marlene

Gayle said...

Absolutely beautiful handwork!!! I look forward to catching up on your posts.

Gayle said...

Please take a look at my post today. :-)

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