Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Dolls and Boxes, Oh My!

Well, I just sold the second of the three dolls I had in my etsy shop! And, of course, there is a story here. The dolls were made for a doll exhibit held at our local gallery. My friend, Bibi and I made all the dolls. She had one room for her exhibit and I had one. I like to set up little vignettes when I display dolls, so here is a picture (taken before new camera!) of what I called the Three Sister dolls. Why three? I have no just happened that way. The show was popular, Bibi and I were pleased.

A while later, I decided to open a tiny shop on etsy. You can visit at Wanting to have an assortment of things made by my hands, I decided to include the Three Sisters for sale individually. They really are sweet and rather old-fashioned...just my cup of listed they were. And, now I have sold two!

"Pocket Girl" was the first to go. She now lives in Kansas with Paula. We are all pleased. Then, a friend of Paula, named Elise bought "Basket Girl." Elise called me this morning and told me what was going on.......Paula loved her new doll and thought Elise might want one too, so she told her about thing you know, the second one is sold. Elise told me her house was struck by lightening in the middle of the night not long ago and she lost everything in the resulting fire. She, her husband and the dog escaped uninjured. Thank goodness. Paula and Elise think "Basket Girl" will cheer her up. Oh, my! I can only hope that is true and I wish her the very best. (She also told me that she and her husband were teenage sweethearts, then after school, went their separate ways and lost touch. Now in their seventies, not long ago they met again and married.
As she said, miracles happen as they both escaped unhurt from the fire, with their little dog and they are strong, so they will make it.) What a story!

I have been decorating the boxes I mail my sold items in and have gotten some funny reactions from friends, relatives and the people at the post office. So, pictured here you will see Paula's the blue and Elise's box in the green. I know Paula liked hers. She said "buying something from me wasn't a was an experience." I think that's a wonderful thing for her to say. I just mailed Elise's box this morning, so I will be anxious to hear what she thinks of hers. If it brings a smile to her, I will be happy.

Elise said she'd like a picture of me. Well, I'm not fond of pictures of me. But, hey, she wants one. I think she should have what she wants. So, here you see me in two photos with the remaining "sister" Bouquet Girl. My husband came out to the Nest this a.m. to act as photographer. If you knew'd laugh at that idea. But, he did pretty good with what he had to work with. In one, the doll and I are standing behind the wonderful work table he made for me. (My favorite possession!!) Later, I took a "closeup" of myself, by myself. So, ok, neither of us are great photographers!!! Anyway, here I am, Elise, sending you good wishes!!!

Seems every little thing that happens to us has a story behind it. Now, in selling two of the sisters, I have made two new friends. This "etsy shop selling" and "blog posting" has certainly made my life more interesting and introduced me to so many new people. Oh, my!!!!!! Pat

PS. Just so you know....Scott received his "special" box yesterday. He was pleased. He is a man of few words, but he did say what a nice thing it was for me to send him "that" box. It was larger than he thought, he said. He picked it up on the way to work and said he "thought it was really silly when I showed up in my get a big box with a picture of my Lotus on it."
He was smiling, I know. And, that is just what I wanted. He sent this remark in an email, then called later, saying the box was a fun thing and he couldn't believe I actually painted it and sent it through the mail. Maybe I'll do anything for that smile!
(If you are interested in his box...see the previous blog post!)


StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat, of course I love your dolls but I'd be tempted to buy the box! I liked all three, and though the car was nice :) and the blue was pretty, I'd prefer the flowers. I thought the pictures were very good - but we women never think a picture does us justice! blessings, marlene

Christine said...

I think your son was secretly quite chuffed to collect his painted box, LOL. I know I'd love to get my mail in a beautifully painted box like yours, perhaps you could do a line of painted boxes in your Etsy shop, just for people to use for the mail ! Christmas boxes, Easter boxes?

Christine said...

Pat, sorry, "chuffed" is a contraction of "chest puffed up" I guess, meaning proud. The English language has a lot to answer for, especially when we Aussies add our own version into the mix as well, VBG.
Christine. said...

Well you know how much I like your dolls and am so glad that they are going to loving homes. You know they will be happy too. I think I will buy something (after Houston) in your etsy shop so I can get a box.

Unknown said...

Your dolls are beautiful and the BOX art! WOW! Amazing stuff here,everytime!

Judy said...

Hi Pat, what a lovely story. I'm so glad your son liked his box.

Cindy said...

Those boxes are amazing! I agree...I think you should sell those! I really love the blue hydrangeas and an adorable house will get me everytime! The dolls are adorable too. I loved the story of Elise. I know another older couple that dated in high school and then reconnected later in life...I'm such a romantic and those stories just melt my heart!

Cindy said...

I'm so impressed with your painting!!! Your son lives near me. I'm in Santa Clara County!

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