Monday, December 8, 2008

A Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

This morning I sat down and thought about my posts for the rest of the year. Well, those should be about Christmas, right? So, I went to the quilt closet and pulled out the ones I thought would make good subject matter for my posts. While doing so, I thought these may be quilts that show up every year I blog, as who knows when more Christmas quilts will be made here. I do so tend to get sidetracked these days with embroidery and such!

Now, bear in mind that I have not decorated one thing in the house......and may not. It all just seems like too much to worry with at this point, at the Eaton house, this year. You know, it doesn't help that there are no small children in this family. Sure takes some of the fun out of the season when there are no little kids. (No, I don't want to borrow any right now as there isn't enough energy to handle them. But, I DO like remembering all the small children we used to have here.)

Now, on with the quilts. For this post, I chose to show you a (48" square) Log Cabin quilt that I made when we still lived on the farm. I chose red/green fabrics (in some of these photos, the red looks pink!) and actually machine pieced the blocks. That meant I actually got the top made "in no time." I took all the blocks and placed them on my working wall, trying to find the most pleasing layout. This step takes a while, as I could move the blocks around "til the cows come home" as they say. It's almost impossible to chose a layout, there are so many options. Finally, I just chose my favorite Log Cabin design of all and left it at that.

You should be able to predict what son walked through the studio. (In all fairness to that particular time, you had to come in through the studio door if you were on the carport side of the house.) Now, y'all know from my writing that Scott has given me lots of quilting advice over the years. He seems to have a talent for helping me make design decisions, etc., without even thinking about it in advance. On this particular day, he walked through the studio and said, "Oh, a Log Cabin quilt!" "Yes", I said....."now if only I could think of what to call it." "Virtual Log Cabin," he said, and quietly walked out of the room. Yes, I thought - for my computer geek son - a virtual Log Cabin quilt.

You should be able to see that I chose to quilt the "logs" right down the middle of each one. I love doing that. Not only do I avoid quilting in the ditch, which I find a waste of time, but it also 'sort of' looks like there are twice as many pieces, depending on the light, etc. I say 'a waste of time' because if I take the time to hand quilt something....I want the stitches to show!! I suppose if I machine quilted I'd think differently.

I used two different print fabrics for the centers of the blocks.....just because I liked them both and used a wonderful rose print for the back of the quilt. Just loved that fabric!!!

It was a fun quilt to make and we have enjoyed it for a long time. Scott knows he can have it at any time......a virtual log cabin quilt for my virtual favorite son!!! Y'all take care. Pat


Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

What a beautiful quilt, Pat! I'm sure he will love this one for years to come. Very nicely done!

Gayle said...

That is a spectacular quilt!

Unknown said...

I was just going to write "That is a spectacular Quilt!", but somebody already wrote that, LOL!

I guess I'll just have to settle for saying:

That is one SPECTACULAR Christmas Quilt! :)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The colours are beautiful and I can understand how difficult it must have been to decide how to use the log cabin blocks - so many interesting possibilities.The quilt is beautiful.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Pat, I really enjoy making the log cabin squares. That is actually going to be part of my next project. Love the colors of yours and nothing say's "Country Christmas" Like a log cabin quilt! If it were possible to catch it out of thin air I would love to send you an envelope of "holiday cheer" to brighten your day...

Judy said...

Hi Pat, I love love this quilt and your choice of fabrics. I'm not decorating much. I drug out a few things and quit and I'm wondering why I did that much. I doesn't really look like Christmas except the fireplace. I'm like you with no kids around anymore, it seems almost a waste of time. Does that mean I'm getting old? And no I don't want to borrow any either. Have a great day.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat that floral fabric is just beautiful...and I like the quilting down the middle of the logs. I've not seen it done like that before but it's much better than stitching in the ditch. blessings, marlene

Jacky said...

Love your sons "Virtual Log Cabin" quilt. I love how he has 'input' into your quilts and art.

I have two boys (they both have their own quilts)...both my favourites!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I just enjoyed getting caught up with you and all you have been showing and telling. Love the white work. It is so beautiful. I have to say I feel the same as you about hand quilting. I want it where it will show because i think it adds such depth to the quilt with the little shadows in the valleys and peeks at each stitch.

Gaby Bee said...

That quilt is incredible, Pat. The colors are simply perfect!
I wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!

Sending hugs across the miles.


Robin said...

Gorgeous!!! I love simple, direct quilts like this... they give me a sense of peace and inner strength.

Also, this particular one makes me want to make a Christmas quilt, something I've never done.

Thanks and Christmas blessings,

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