Thursday, February 26, 2009

Applique from "Back in the Day"

Well, let's hit the Bird Nest on the Ground "archives" again. I've been meaning to show this framed applique for a while and now, while I'm "recuperating" is a good time to bring it out. By the way, a heartfelt thank you to all who sent me good wishes and made comments while I was "under the weather." I really appreciate you all. I'm nearly "normal" now whatever that is and am proceeding cautiously as I have my First Thursday Art group meeting here in the Nest next Thursday and I want to feel great for that day!

Now, back to the applique! In 1990, I designed some projects for a leaflet for Leisure Arts, Inc. I call this a Wild Rose pattern, but the leaflet was named "Appliqued Rose Garden: A Collection of Linens and Accessories for the Bedroom." There are several items made with this simple design, shown in a bedroom setting. I still have them. Gee, these things are nearly twenty years old by now. My, how time does fly!

The first photo is of one of the blocks framed. I made it to remember making the book, never thinking the other things would last. I was wrong. One of my favorite things to do on quilts and other pieces of handwork is to write quotes or just my feelings about the item or the history of it. I love the quote I used on this piece:

"There's a rose looking in at the window, in every condition of life -
In days of content and enjoyment, in hours with bitterness rife.
Where there's the smile of a woman, as bright as a beam from above,
Tis the rose looking in at the window, and filling the dwelling with love."
Paul Mason James (1780-1854)

In the center, I wrote the name of this piece "The Wild Rose" then, "stitched in the year 1990 by Patricia Eaton" below the rose.
It's amazing to me it hasn't faded at all. I had this one professionally framed...maybe that's why it's held up so well. But, then again, my house is on the dark side, so that probably did a lot to preserve the color and the ink.

In one photo you see the cover of the Leisure Arts Leaflet #1302.....circa 1990 and now long out of print. There was a duvet cover, a tablecloth and topper, a heart pillow, shams and a wall quilt, plus the sheets and pillowcases you can see on the back cover.

If you are interested in seeing some of my applique, you can click on the flickr badge on the right sidebar of this blog and there are several of my appliqued quilts featured there. I like how you can see the quilts in a "slideshow" available there too. I do love that applique!

So, there you have it...something else from the Nest. I do hope you are all well and so appreciate you stopping by to visit!


Elenka said...

I used to do applique a lot in the old days. i don't now why I stopped, I actually enjoyed doing it. Maybe this summer.....if summer ever comes.

Gone said...

Oh, Pat, this is lovely!! You are so talented!

It's good to see you back...feeling better...posting!

I don't do creative stitchery stuff, but I do SEW. I used to have my own Bridal business and designed and made wedding gowns and attendant's dresses...and created some awesome headpieces, beading them by hand myself. I also decorated Wedding Cakes...for up to 500 people!

Jan said...

That has always been one of my favorite pieces. Just such a lovely simple block. Your work just keeps getting better.

My name is Riet said...

That all looks beautiful

Sharon Tomlinson said...

This is beautiful applique from the past. And I am happy to hear you are on the mend. What are you and the girls going to do next week?

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I remember doing a candlewicking pattern that had a similar design. It was all cream, though, of course, but it had the same kinds of elements to the design! SEW pretty! (You're probably sick of me using that pun in my comments to you, LOL!)

Robin said...

Feel to dig up archival work any time, Pat! It's great to see where you've been. I agree that the writing on the pieces is adds charm, personality and makes them much more meaningful. Great poem too. Hope you are feeling tip-top on first Thursday! Hugs, Robin A.

Judy said...

Beautiful!! you always amaze me with your work. I love the baskets below too! I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Thanks for your recent visit to the willows. Life has been on warp speed latley and my sewing room calls to me everyday as I race past to take care of everything else. I think I better slow down so it can suck me back in. I love looking at all your projects old and new...take care of yourself, dear friend.. till next time..
Willow Witch

Gayle said...

Now I'm in the mood for applique! These are wonderful.

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