Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Another Distraction...Crochet Edging

I don't know about you, but sometimes I am easily distracted from my "real work," whatever that is, by a pretty little piece of needlework made "sometime, somewhere long ago" and I won't rest until I have tried to make whatever it is. Such is the case with crocheted edgings and, truth be told, on a dull day in the Nest....any other thing that is not what I'm "supposed" to be doing! I guess I like taking little detours and when it comes to embroidering, beading, or thing leads to another, so you have to see where that detour might take you. It might be just the thing to add to your present project. And, if it isn't, well, a little diversion never hurts.

Many years ago, I taught myself to crochet from a little book purchased at what we lovingly called in those days "the dime store." Boy, whatever happened to those??? I think it was a Coats and Clark book which cost about twenty-five cents. I remember it was green. I think it had crochet, embroidery and knitting in it. I wish I still had it...for old time's sake.

Ever since then I have loved thread crochet. I made a crochet tablecloth when my kids were little. That is the most complicated thing I ever made from those big balls of thread we used to buy. One day I'll show it to you. I have crocheted lots of little things over the years, but my favorite of all, and what I have made the least of, is crocheted edgings. You know the ones....they are on vintage pillow cases, handerchiefs, clothing and so forth. I LOVE them.

Not long ago, my friend, Bibi, gave me a tiny piece of paper with instructions for making Mile a Minute edging. You see it here. Boy, do I love making it! It's easy to make, does go really fast, and looks very nice too. Old-fashioned. Just my cup of tea!

I have taken two vintage hankies and crocheted this edging onto them. Both using white DMC Cebelia size 20 thread. That thread is a dream to use and really looks nice on this handkerchief linen. I used a size 8 crochet hook on one and a size 7 on the other. Just because. Aren't they pretty? (Note the those and I would have bought this hankie no matter what letter it had on it.)

After crocheting the edging on the hankies, I decided to try it in different threads and had so much fun making the samples, I thought you should see them. As you can see, I've used ribbon, yarn, different size crochet cottons, and my favorite, but I must say the hardest....a spool of King Tut Quilting Thread. I couldn't resist trying this because I knew it would be difficult. It was. I could barely manage it as it was terribly difficult to see. I used a size 14 steel hook. So, this may be the only sample of edging that small that you see me do. (Well, I don't know....depends on what I would want to put it on..I have been known to be terribly compulsive when I want a "certain look" on something I'm making!)

I've included a photo comparing these thread and yarn samples with coins.......hopefully that will help you understand their sizes.

So, ok - distractions are good sometimes - aren't they? Makes you take a different look at what you are doing as you go from THERE back to HERE. What next, I wonder? Take care, pat

10 comments: said...

You know I love the crochet and hope to try it as soon as the eyes repair. All you work is so delicate,no matter what size hook or thread you use.

Unknown said...

Ummmmm...let me see if can relate to this post at all... ummmm... nope!

Unless you count hours of tatting as a distraction from the "real world", LOL!


Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

OK, I know my personality. If I tried this, and it worked, I would want to put crochet edging on everything in my house. This is SO pretty!

Elenka said...

I love to crochet, although I don't do it often enough. Just like you....I just got myself a book to teach myself to 'knit'. I hope I can do it. I guess I should save this book, for old times sake...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat! I love this type of work!!! Just beautiful. Thanks for including your clip of instructions so I may try this! I have all the thread sitting in my sewing room! Today I was looking at instructions for the old fashioned potholders to make one for my mother-in-law (she loves them) but I got distracted and purchased yarn instead!lol I miss the old 5 and dime too! You just can't get those goodies anymore! oops showing our age!lol I always enjoy your beautiful work and look forward to the tablecloth post! Sincerely, Jeannette

Robin said...

Your blog is just sooooooooo much fun to read... Diversions, yup, I know them... Trying stuff, just to try it... yup, know that too... Love the different sizes and materials... Gotta do it, huh?! And, besides, just what IS it we're S'POSED to do????

Robin A.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your work is just beyond words, all the detail! Did you find it easier to learn to crochet by the book you bought at the dimestore or by having someone help you? I am not good with following instructions-maybe they just aren't the "best" instructions. What do you recommend??


StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat I've always wanted to know how to do crocheted edging. One of these days when I'm coming your way going to my sister's I'm going to stop by and get you to teach me that! blessings, marlene

My name is Riet said...

I just had a peek at your blog and I love it. Just the other day I started crocheting again and made a silk pillow top. Now I am thinking what can I do now, I am also busy quilting but I like a change now and then. Thanks you for letting me look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,
Thank you, thank you for helping me understand.
My email is
So can I wright like you have about copywright on my blog, sorry doesn't completely understand.

Soooo beautiful. I have bought a little book and I'm going to try crochet. My mother is very good at it and knitting and my sister to and then me....not so much!
I think it's art what you can do. Looking at your work is looking at art, Thank you for sharing.

Hugs from Bodil.

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