Monday, May 11, 2009

Candlestick Pincushion Class Sample

I'm sorry I haven't posted for the last week...just swamped with things to do and not managing anything well. But, I did "think" about posting, that's for sure and felt guilty for not doing it. I had intended to photograph the class sample I made from the class held here on May 2nd and show it to you earlier, but with the way things went...didn't finish it til late Saturday night. it is! All my students went home with finished or "just about finished" pincushions. Some had a little more embellishing to do...and all were so different...just what I like to see happen. Of course, I needed to finish my own, as I thought I would either list it on my etsy shop or else take it with me when I do the program for my quilt guild in June.

I wanted to put a little bird on this one...because it was made in my "Bird Nest on The Ground" studio. Then, of course, some of my embroidered vines and simple flowers. Simple stitches were used...French Knots, Lazy Daisy, Stem Stitch, the Feather Stitch, some Herringbone stitches and some Spider Web Roses. Love doing all these simple stitches done on some wonderful wool fabric...wool is so easy to stitch on!

There's a covered button on top, embroidered of course, and underneath it is some crochet I made specially for this piece. It was FUN!

So many cool things happen when you have a blog! After posting about the class, I received a comment from a lovely person in Canada about a pattern for the pincushion. I then mentioned to her that I had one kit left if she was interested in purchasing it. Yes, she said. Then, I mentioned that I was finishing up the class sample later in the week and would be happy to send her a photo of it if she was interested in purchasing it rather than the kit. She WAS interested and might even take them both...and would look forward to seeing the photos. So, Saturday night, after finishing the pincushion, I took some photos and sent them to her. Early yesterday morning, there was an email from her saying she would love to have both the kit and the pincushion!!!

To top it off, she wrote the most lovely things about this blog and my work. What a lovely gift that was early on a Mother's Day!! I suppose you just never know who is reading your blog! You also never know who might be interested in something you made to sell. As I had mentioned to her, I intended to list the finished Candlestick in my etsy shop. Isn't it wonderful that I didn't get that far...she's happy and so am I!! How cool is that?

Teaching the "Girl Gang" on May 2nd was a lot of fun......and then, having the last kit sold, not to mention the sample, a delight. And, making a new friend in Canada...who knew that this blogging thing could be so much FUN?

When I next post I will be sharing with you the "story" of my Mother's Day. It was certainly different and a story I think you may find hilarious. I will tell you could only happen to ME! Take care out there!! Pat

6 comments: said...

This pincushion turned out beautifully and I am so glad that others are appreciating your work as much as I always have.

Unknown said...

Pat - looking at your class sample shows why you are the teacher and we were the students!
I heard you got to spend quality time with Margarete yesterday! New BBF's I bet. You are both so detailed in your work - but both so different in what's created I would have loved to have been the fly on the wall. It would have been fun to hear the banter & soak up some of the creativity.

Judy said...

I love the pin cushion. The class sounded like so much fun. I wish I could have attended.

Gayle said...

This pincushion is amazing. I hope you eventually sell more patterns/kits because I will be first in line. :-)

Unknown said...

That is a lovely pincushion. Your class sounds like it was a lot of fun for all. :)

Poppy Cottage said...

Pat this is just beautiful!


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