Monday, November 9, 2009

Jim's First Fabric Drawing, as Promised

In my last post, I showed you one of my small quilts with some writing and drawing on it done by my friend, Jim. Actually, I should have shown you this one I'm kinda going backwards here, but I said I'd show you all three quilts I have with his drawing on here we are.

This one is the very first of his drawings and is what he actually did during his time in my class. If you remember, I told you he put it in his pocket, saying he could do better. Take a close look at this little quilt. Those little drawings around the edge of that center square are about 3/4 inch square! This center drawing is approximately 7 1/4 inches or so. The entire small wall quilt is 20 inches square. I just love the little drawings and as you can see, he probably did not need to take my class! One of my favorite of the little blocks is the pair of glasses....his rather subtle mention of my poor vision.

Naturally, making a quilt using this little muslin square was not an option....I just had to make it! I used leftover fabrics, of course, and embellished it with hearts all 'round using red perle cotton in a backstitch....then hand quilted it.

Next, I made a label and appliqued another heart for the back of the quilt. So much fun!!! He still denies this little square is "any good" but I think it is priceless. In my next post, probably on Thursday....I'll show you the largest and last of the three quilts with Jim's drawing. I will tell you this...he went on from here to use "writing on fabric" in some really cool quilts of his own and IN HIS OWN WAY....such a neat thing!!! Hope you enjoyed this one....I'll see you again on Thursday...take care. pat


sandi s said...

Hi Pat, I love these little quilts you have made from your friends drawings. His work is amazing and so detailed for being so small. What a nice memory to have. Have a good evening. Sandi

Cindy said...

That's just beautiful! Love his little intricate drawings and penmenship!

yapping cat

Gayle said...

I love Jim's border that he drew...everyone needs a friend like Jim.

Maggie Ann said...

How very special!

Unknown said...

Wow what a wonderful friendship you share...


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