Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two New Friends and Their Work

Within the last week, I have met two in person and one via the internet. They excite me! So, I thought I should tell you about them.

One of my friends gave me a tiny journal for my birthday....which I immediately loved. She also gave me the blog, etsy address, and email for the artist who made it. Just like you blog readers 'out there'....I couldn't wait to visit her blog and etsy. I am in LOVE! She does the most beautiful pen and ink drawings, painting and three dimensional art. I am especially fond of her birds and as there is one on the little journal I now own...I think it means there should be a 'collection' of them at my house. I'll have to 'save up' for that. The little journal is shown here. Each of her journals is an original piece of artwork....I also love the embellishments...the fabric along the spine of the book and the stamps on the back. Is it precious, or what? I know you will want to visit Michelle Palmer at her right here. If you'd like to see what she is offering in her esty shop....then click right here. You will be amazed!

A couple of weeks ago, while working at Second Saturday Studio, a local artist stopped by to see the studio for the first time. We became friends instantly. I know you've met people and had that same's really cool when it happens. The next week, she brought some pieces in for us to display on our next opening. (We are opening each Saturday until the week before Christmas.) Her pieces made me smile. A large smile. They are so colorful and happy.
She calls them architectural pieces as they are painted on vintage tin ceiling squares. I call them Primitive Funky......and so much FUN! Second Saturday Studio (and Cheri's pieces) can be found here.

Two new friends, their art.....lucky me! Y'all take care, pat

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fiberdoodles said...

Pat I am thrilled beyond words that you love your little journal. Michelle is very talented! Cute, cute stuff!!

I so have to go and see that funky chicken ~ love it!!

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