Friday, May 20, 2011

What I did Today

I try to spend several hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at our downtown art place - Second Saturday Studio. Since we've moved our work spaces downstairs....we are actually open more often. It has certainly been easier to manage since we can now work in the same space as the gallery. Officially, we are still open on the Second Saturday of the month...but the new rule is...if the lights are on...we're open for business.

The other day, Micah showed me how to make Paper Clay Roses. I had been wanting to try making something with paper clay and she had a rose necklace she made using it. We were in need of a creative diversion, so she kindly showed me how to make the roses. It was very easy and a lot of fun. Not having an oven there, we let them dry naturally, so this morning I was able to paint my roses. It turns out that having work spaces in the gallery is not only good for us (we can actually get some work done)....but people drop in to check out the art and, while there, seem to love watching us do what we do. Cool.

So, here are my very first roses. With the notion that 'practice makes perfect,' you can see that I've a way to go before I can say I really know what I'm doing and these aren't perfect....but they DO look like roses, so I'm happy. Today, while Micah painted some of her lovely faces and Kelly worked on a 5' x 7' canvas....I painted roses. It was great fun. I've no idea how I will use these roses....but it will be fun to figure it out. (Thank you, Micah!!!)

Also in the photo is a bird....I used a vintage jello mold to make it. Not at all sure what that will ever be...but I'll do more with it in the future. There is also a five petal flower I made...not nuts about that it may never see the light of day again. I think I will stick to the roses and find a few different ways to use them with fabrics, etc. You kind of 'stuff.' By the way...I purchased the paper clay from Hobby Lobby.

I did want to mention that I have received several cards, letters and gifts in response to my 'handwritten letter' giveaway last month. Really, my blog readers (YOU) are so nice and I appreciate each and every one of you. I've been asked a couple of questions that I feel should be answered here. are my broken toes doing? I'm happy to say they are much better.
I can't move my little toe....and it's turned funny now....but the pain is gone and that is great. There has been no 'daily walk' since I fell, so I'm hoping to return to that activity on Monday. #2....have we been affected here with flooding? No, we haven't had that particular problem in the exact area where I live, but many people in parts of the state have had and continue to have those issues. We are very grateful to have been lucky at this house. And, I appreciate your concern.

So, today I painted roses. Working with Micah, Kelly and Cheri at the downtown studio is a wonderful experience. Wish you could be there with us! Have a safe and lovely weekend....pat


Skoots1moM said...

so, how do you make paper clay roses?

Unknown said...

hello crafty genius! Your roses are absolutely fabulous. I especially love the way you painted them. You are amazing Mama Pat!! XO

Vivian said...

Well, they look like a pro made them. How fun! I wish I lived closer so I could join in the fun.

Can you believe, it has been almost a year since we met and you were so hospitable?

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! I love the roses. I've seen them used as additions to picture frames and I really like the way it looks. Also, for the bird, if you put 2 little holes at the top corners, you could hang it on a bottle or on the front of a basket after you paint it. You little stinker ... you always seem to have fun! Good for you! LOL Take care.
Christy said...

Pat your color choices for these roses are wonderful. They look so beautiful. Glad you had fun today.

Deanna said...

Beautiful!! Love the shading of the paint!

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Pat- your paper mâché roses are fabulous- yet another creative endeavor that you bring to life beautifully!

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