Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Visit and a New Computer

Well, here we are finishing up Wednesday already. The last few days have just flown by in a blurr. As you know, my favorite son came for a short visit. Better a short visit than no visit, right? We all had a wonderful time...of course, families all have their little quirks and ours is no different. Everyone wants to talk at once and we try to cram everything into those few hours, so we just wear ourselves out. By the time Scott had to go back home....well, we all needed a good nap!

He arrived at 8:00 a.m. on good to see him. And, he left at noon on Tuesday. He says we may as well live on an island - it's so hard to get here. I'm wondering how many 'kids' think that as they try to juggle their busy schedules to get home to see the 'folks' and deal with all the hassles of travel today. But aren't we glad they want to see us!!

I suppose he was just tired of being my 'tech guy' and helping me with the 'issues' of my old iMac because he brought me a lovely new one. One I can actually SEE! Oh, I can't tell you how much different my photos look to me and even reading the type is a much easier to see. The screen is really big....and WONDERFUL!!! You know...I knew I needed a new one....but had NO clue things were as bad as they were on that old computer and my eyes will love working on this one. He and his sister are tricky....he had it sent to her office so I wouldn't know until he got here...two sneaky people!! (I hear there were other sneaky dear people involved too...hugs to you!!)

So, take a look at the family.....There's me and that old Navy Man (Richard) with our favorite son, Scott, and our daughter, Kelly. They are both so dear!! They are fifteen months apart and so's a pleasure to see them together. I love the photo of the two of them....aren't they just the cutest? Then, there is a photo of me out in the Nest with my new iMac. (Pardon the mess behind me...have I mentioned lately the Nest needs a complete revamp? So much to little time! Hopefully, this fall I can take on that chore.) I just had to snap a photo of Scott sitting at my desk. He spent a lot of time this weekend getting me 'all set up' on the new computer. Of course, it was kind of like trying to 'teach an old dog some new tricks.' Fun, though.

The last photo is one I always take....I call it the 'drop-off' at the airport in Little Rock. I remember when you could go in and sit with your 'peeps' when you took them to the airport and now you just drive up and drop them off. Deprives me of those last few minutes of time...I know you moms know what I mean. he went, back to San Francisco. I missed him immediately, but did get to spend the afternoon with Kelly...she and I went for some 'retail therapy' with Dad going along with us. He even had some pretty good ideas. It was a lovely, lovely weekend! Thank you, my favorite son and daughter!!! take care out there, pat

(For some reason....the user photos did not appear in the order I wanted them in....well, you get the idea anyway! Now to learn how to properly use this new jewel!)


Elderberry-Rob said...

Glad you have had some family time. Good luck with the new computer!

Sheila said...

Glad you had a good visit with your son and family. I know it's always hard at the airports.

http://thankfullga447 said...

The photos are wonderful, a new Mac (they are the best). Take photos of your studio, I love all the books behind you. Grand daughter turned 13 yesterday - glad you had family visit.

Amy said...

What a great looking family! You know I'm still sending thanks and love that to that tall Navy Man of yours for my winnings!

Julie Fukuda said...

What a nifty surprise! I can tell how happy a new computer would make you because mine is either half dead or only working two or three days a week.

Cathy said...

Hi Pat - you will love your new iMac with huge screen. I have one and so enjoy SEEING things, LOL!!

It’s so wonderful to have a family reunion, isn’t it? My three adult children all live within a half hour of us, but it seems we are all rarely in the same place at the same time! But I cherish every moment with any or all of them. Hugs, Cathy

fiberdoodles said...

What a sweet, sweet suprise from your favorite son ;0) I'm so glad you you had some good quality family time. They are the best.


Sherry said...

Pat, you have a lovely family and very considerate kids! Love that huge new computer screen! I know what you mean about the airport; I always feel funny just dumping people out and leaving. Enjoy your new toy!

Vivian said...

Wow love the Imac! What a surprise. Glad you had a wonderful visit.

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