Thursday, February 9, 2012

My "New" Old Quilts

On Tuesday, I showed you my Bear's Paw quilt. The one that survived the fire in the early 80's.
I've heard from some of you. Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, I DO consider this quilt a 'miracle quilt.' It's just a wonder that it survived. And, it looks so good despite it's history. Thanks to that old navy man!!!

I have been asked if that quilt is as long on the other side of the bed as it is on the side you see in the photos. The answer is Yes. But, there is a trick there. It really is a large quilt, but the day we put that bed in the Nest, I realized that with the bed so high above the floor, ALL that 'stuff' I wanted to store under the bed would show. (Remember, no bedskirt!) It was at that point I decided to put the quilt on the bed with the top and bottom toward the sides, making it longer where I needed it to be longer. There is still plenty of quilt at the bottom and top....but not enough to match the length on the sides. Anyway, it did cover up all the stuff underneath....and it not only looks good, but a person can still sleep under it and have their feet fully covered. Great solution to an odd problem, if you ask me.

So, now....about these two quilts. I purchased them at two different flea markets. The Rose one before Christmas at the Freeway Emporium and the Star just last week at Green Alley. I got the Rose one for $40...yeah, that's what I said! And, the Star for $50 and some change. Yeah, I said that too!!!! Couldn't have said NO if I wanted to....such pretty bargains. I wonder what great ladies made them? And, they are soft, so very soft!!!

The Rose is cross-stitched. Hand-quilted. Full size. Delightful. And, doesn't it look good in the Nest? Yeah, I know, you can see a lot of my 'stuff' in the room. You can check my 'label list' and find studio and see more of it...but I guarantee that it never looks the same many months at a time before I've moved it around. Won't be that easy anymore with a bed out here, but, I bet I find a way to change it once in a while anyway. I've posted several of my faves is the dark one. I posted that one just because I like the 'mood' of it. Would like to be curled up in that bed right now, all cozy and with my Kindle!

The Star quilt is wonderful. Older than the Rose. It has lots of wear, especially in a lot of the diamonds....but is still in good enough shape to use. Gently. I can piece a quilt...but I most often applique. I guess that is why this quilt spoke to me so loudly in the 'flea.' I would never make it, so therefore I love it. Whoever the maker was...she did a FINE job....not only is the piecing wonderful...the hand quilting is fabulous. I know I would have liked this lady a lot!!

So....don't you love them too? Thank you so much for visiting.....I'll be back soon with whatever I can find to share with know you are special!!!! stay warm, safe and cozy, pat


Julie Fukuda said...

As I was reading I thought, oh no, I have not put any labels on many quilts. Then I remembered my quilt diary and my blog and felt better. What treasures those are and how lucky to find you.

elizabeth said...

Love the star quilt but oh my the rose is just magnificent! From afar I was thinking how wonderful she made the tips of every rose darker and then close up i see the cross stitch. What a beautiful quilt!!! I have a cross stitch quilt I am working on, makes we want to get it done! Thanks for the lovely pictures!

Jim Gatling said...

Oh, these are Great!!!! I don't think I have ever seen them......... You know I have the twin cross stitch quilts Mama made for their beds......... Lov,e JIM

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


Jane S. said...

What amazing finds! They have a good home in your studio. :)

Vivian said...

I do love both of those quilts.

Skoots1moM said...

such day i'll have to try quilting

Claudine said...

Qu'est-ce qu'on doit ĂȘtre bien dans ton "nid" entourĂ© de toutes ces merveilles ! Gros bisous

JLL24 said...

Love your quilts. They are so beautiful. Here's a quick tip for you...had the same problem of no bedskirt for a tall bed. I took a piece of cloth, and tucked it between the mattress', instant bedskirt. It worked til I had a chance to make one.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh my! You were so right to buy these gorgeous, gorgeous, quilts! At least the bargains are going to an appreciative audience! Just lovely!

Whitney Rau said...

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A Bit of Heaven
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