Saturday, May 26, 2012

From My Porch to Yours

 I thought a nice way to wish you a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY was to show you my porches.  It's sort of like inviting you in without you actually being here.  As you will notice, the flags are out.
The old navy man likes the flags to be out on all holidays, and especially this holiday.   We have to have our American Flag and the Navy flag both waving!  ( My sister and her husband presented us with a beautiful flag that flew over the capitol in Washington, DC, but I keep it in the house so nothing will happen to it.  So, Debbie, just in case you were wondering...this one is not the flag you gave us!!)
 Our house is not large, but does have a generously sized front porch. We enjoy it a lot.  I thought you might want to see where I sit and watch the traffic go by when it's not too hot outdoors.  It's a good place to read or sew and listen to the birds, have a glass of sweet tea, or, as I often do...enjoy the porch swings.  (It's even more fun when there is a little kid here and we can swing high! Or, an adult who wants to remember being a kid!) 
 This old screen door came from the third floor stash of 'old stuff' at my son-in-law's family store when they sold it.  I have several things from there, including this screen door and one I have going from my kitchen into the laundry room/pantry.  Love the old things.  The blackboard/sign I got at a local flea market...with the writing on it. 
 I bought this long basket on the door at Green Alley the other day and  filled it with paper flowers from Hobby Lobby.  I like it so much.  And, you can see where we might sit were you here.
 Or, we might sit here.
 Yes, it IS a long porch.....I've never measured it, but I'm guessing it's at least 32 feet long, maybe 8 feet wide.  Two swings, two ceiling fans.  With the summers we have...those fans come in very handy.  Nothing at my house is 'fancy' as you can see, but we do use and enjoy what we are fortunate enough to have.
 I'm thinking this porch needs a little 'sprucing up'....but, for's ok with me the way it is.  I think I'd like to paint the concrete....well, maybe not while it's hot out!
 If I say 'from my porch to yours' then I have to include THIS porch.  This is the porch to my NEST.  As you know...BIRD NEST ON THE GROUND, my backyard studio.  I took these tonight and it was beginning to get dark, so I left the lights on in the studio.  Another way to invite you in!
 And, with an open door!  Just a peek inside.  I've shown it to you before...but as you may remember, it never stays exactly the same for very long.
This is the perfect weekend to sit on one of these porches and REMEMBER all those who made it possible for me to have a flag and to sit on these porches in PEACE and to live in this great country.  The old navy man and I wish you all a very lovely, peaceful and Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Take care out there....pat

PS.  Special good wishes to my friend, Claudine, in France, for giving me blog posting tips.  THANK YOU, dear friend!


Vivian said...

Thanks for sharing your porch with me. What a great visit! Happy Holidays.

claudine said...

Très beau porche. Avec la chaleur qui arrive, je m'inviterais bien chez toi pour boire un thé glacé et papoter. Gros bisous et très bonne journée Pat.

Julie Fukuda said...

Loved the little visit.I sure do miss the porches of my youth!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You have very inviting entrances to both your home and your studio. I love to sit on the front deck and watch the birdfeeders and critters.
Its the best thing about summer.

Tell the Old Navy Man that I love the flags too.
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Peace to you and yours, Pat! Have a good weekend!

JLL24 said...

Love your porches...they bring back memories when we lived on the farm, always sat out on the porch. And love the flags. My father always insisted we must have flags flying for holidays. To remember all those who served our country, so we could be free. Thanks, and hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable.

sofa said...

Bird Nest On The Ground
I really liked being here, thanks for the reading. I am so excited I found your web blog

Candice said...

Pat, I just love your button-ful flag quilt - very fun! Thought I'd check in and see if you've received my emails about our upcoming blog tour I'm hoping you're interested in. Would love to hear from you!

Candice Hoffman, Creative Dir., Clothworks

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A Bit of Heaven
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