Sunday, July 1, 2012

Red, White & Blue Quilts for a Happy Fourth of July

Tonight I wanted to post two quilts in Red, White and Blue, since we will be celebrating the Fourth of July in a couple more days.  I have a flag quilt which I'm quite proud of....but I've shown it before and thought it would be good to show something else on this holiday.  As I've said before, green and pink are my favorite colors....RED, being a darker shade of pink - if you ask me, makes it one of my favorite colors also.  And, of course, I'm happy to wave our flag whenever possible!

I found this hand-pieced quilt top at the Freeway Emporium a month or so ago, and have been saving it just for this holiday post.  It's a pretty simple quilt top, just a four patch repeated many times with a two inch strip between.  I was shocked to find it was hand-pieced, but excited at the same time.  That seems to be a thing of the am I.
I like it a whole lot and fancy myself quilting it this winter when it's cold....imagine that now??.....and when I do, you'll probably get another look at it.  By the way, the quilt will fit a double bed, but you'd need a dust ruffle.  I've got it hanging over the side of the bed by quite a lot, just so you could get a good look at it.  I know you are going to ask....the money part of the deal...$25.  I just had to get it!!
Trying to dress up the photo a bit, I added that red silk ribbon embroidered heart with the pillows.  Just for fun. I also had to put some red and pink flowers in the background.  Brightens up my little Nest for sure.
I just had to take a photo of my black purse along with the red beaded purse.  The black one, vintage, the beaded red purse was purchased at Hobby Lobby a very long time ago.
I made this little quilt in 1996.  Boy, time flies!  It is about ten inches by fourteen inches or so.  It was made for a guild challenge back then.  I made the little doll and she is attached by a little snap on her back.  She has sequin stars on her ankles and hat and holds a heart button.  I had to scrounge to find enough blue buttons back then to do the embellishments on this quilt.  Also in the waves of buttons are some additional star sequins.  There is red embroidery covering the 'stripe' seams.  The big star is appliqued with the Buttonhole stitch and the little starts are Straight Stitches.
"Jane Doe and the Star Spangled Banner" is the name of it.  I enjoyed making it and remember it as a fun challenge.

Here you can see the back of the quilt...I was so excited to find this backing fabric...I thought it looked like fireworks and just had to use it.  You could see where I sewed on the buttons, so I just had to cover up those 'scratchy' stitches. So used a Herringbone stitch to cover them up.  What fun that was!  Does it look like a fireworks show to you?

Here's hoping you have a lovely July 4th....Happy Independence Day!!!  And, come back to visit soon.....I'll probably show you my latest quilt purchase....well, maybe that, maybe something completely different, but do return.  You know I love hearing from you.  Take care out there and stay cool if you can!  pat


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! I love this post. You mentioned everything I questioned as I looked closely at each picture. I'm glad you closed with that cute little flag quilt. I love everything about it from the cap on the doll to the waving buttons. Just too cute.

Have a great 4th. We are hoping there are no fireworks here since we are so dry. There have been a lot of grass fires. Even though some storms have blown through quickly, but no rain.
xx, Carol

Claudine said...

I'm not a big fan of red but I like the flag with the doll and buttons and I love the background. For me but not July 4 July 14 we will have in France and in the meantime, Mom will have 86 years on July 5.
In fact, I like the heart on the bed!
Kisses and happy birthday to you and all your loved ones Pat.

Dolores said...

You got a bargain there with the quilt top. Your little flag quilt with the doll is so sweet and I liked the way you fixed the annoying problem of having unwanted stitches showing on the back. I must remember that.
Happy a happy 4th of July celebration.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hello Pat,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind note about my magazine article. I'm happy to hear you found me that way.
Wow, what a quilt treasure you found here! It's fabulous. And I love that little Jane Doe quilt you made those years ago. You have quite a talent. Enjoy that studio of yours. :)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a wonderful find! Perfect for you. I really love the lttle quilt with all the buttons! And the back does look like fireworks. I saw your new blackboard and read about your Brother in law and I'm so sorry. The blackboard is a wonderful way to remember him. Not only is that a great quote, but your handwriting is so beautiful too!

Hitchhiker42 said...

That's a great star on your flag & buttons quilt!

Thearica said...

Great post Pat! I do love the RWB quilt you found but my heart is struck on Jane Doe and her little quilt! That is so totally cute!! I love that!

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