Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Such a Charming Bird

After two days of trying...I have actually gotten these photos on the blog!  Either I am even less tech savvy than I thought....or something has been wrong with blogger....either way...I am relieved to finally be able to show you these great and glorious birds!  A few months ago I ran across an artist from England and absolutely LOVED the work she was posting on her blog.  Along with beautiful mixed media paintings, she had posted several of these appliqued and embellished birds, presented on beautiful pieces of vintage quilts.  Well, isn't that right up my alley?  So, I was OVER the MOON about them right away.  And, now, I can say I own one of her pieces myself and I'm thrilled!
Here are several photos of "my" bird....isn't it just wonderful!!!  And, boy, I would love to have seen the quilt this little square came from.  I have never been an advocate of cutting up quilts....and would still never do it unless the quilt was already in shreds or pieces when I found it, so when I saw these birds on their glorious backgrounds....I began to hatch a plan to immediately go in search of some old delapidated quilts.  I have found a couple and bought them....have found a couple others whose colors just wouldn't work for my taste and didn't buy them.  I will have them as top priority when I go to the flea market as I have been inspired to try to do a few things of my own design on pieces of these found, and for all intents and purposes, discarded quilts. 
Just look at this face!!!!  Such a charming bird!  About now, I am figuring you want to know who made it and I'd love to share that with you.  Her name is Mandy, she lives in England, and you can go directly to her blog, called THREAD AND THRIFT  right HERE.  You will enjoy seeing what she is all about and you'll love her work too!  I visit her blog just about every day and enjoy seeing all the lovely work she is doing.  You will probably also want to visit her etsy shop....where birds and other beauties are available.  Click HERE to see what she has for sale today.  I also especially love the leaves and vine pieces she does! 
Look at this tiny flower.  So simple to do and to my mind....the most charming embroidery of all.  I always call this embroidery 'school girl stitching' because what Mandy does, and what I do. uses mostly all the stitches taught to small girls in days past.   Mandy's birds, however,  are quite a magnificent example of how those simple stitches add such a lovely touch to appliqued birds.  I LOVE them SO!!
Notice all the tiny pieces of the quilt square......I've no idea what the pattern of the quilt was....but love the way the quiltmaker used the least little pieces of fabric.  Waste not, want not, as they say!
 Love this bird!
And, once again, the whole picture!  This quilt square is mounted on mat board and signed.  I shall enjoy it for all my days!  THANK YOU so much, Mandy, for sharing your beautiful work with me.  Y'all visit Mandy, you will really enjoy seeing her beautiful creations!  take care out there, pat

PS.  Finally feeling better....hopefully you will hear from me again soon!!!


http://thankfullga447 said...

It is absolutely lovely and the quilt works perfect.

Julie Fukuda said...

Pat, I enjoyed visiting your work through Jim's posts. He is a great fan and the work was just lovely. That darling little bird is just what your nest needs.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This little bird fits right in at YOUR nest. It is just perfection. Thanks for the link to Mandy's blog too.

Glad you are feeling better. Terry was down for a week with the crud that's going around here.
xx, Carol

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

I do adore her work~
you got a beauty!

littlemancat said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link.

Jaybird said...

Whew...there you are! I have been missing you and was afraid your big visit wore you out!!
Your birdie is a sweetie for sure.
Have a good weekend,

Thearica said...

Good morning Pat. I have been on a little bit of a blogging break to get some things done in my shop. This was so nice to see when I came to your blog today. I love how she is using the vintage quilts. The tattered areas lend themselves so well as it makes you think of a bird nest... Lovely!

I hate that you have been under the weather but so glad you are feeling better.

Jan Gartlan said...

Wow I'm in total love with your bird

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Pat-- I love the little bird-- totally exquisite! Love the quilt background too! I'm sure you've been busy as a bee this winter-- I want to catch up with you here!! I hope to take some photos soon using your beautiful booklet as a backdrop--

Cache-Mire said...

What a unique and beautiful piece! Would have never thought of that. Just lovely! I'll be back...

Your newest follower,

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