Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Little Bit of Everything

Well, the "Williams Girls" (me, my sister Debbie, and our niece, Tessa) had a weird visit last week.  They arrived late afternoon last Sunday to a big, nasty, "Thunder Sleet" occurrence.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.  We were iced in until Thursday morning.  And, although we managed to enjoy our time together...well, it would have been even more fun if we could have gotten 'out and about.'  They left yesterday morning, undoubtedly happy to be going back home.  I sure did enjoy seeing them though!    Today I went to the Neighborhood market and brought home these beautiful tulips.  Pretty....and about as opposite "Thunder Sleet" as you could get.    I thought you might enjoy seeing them too!  (Thank you, sweet girls, for coming to visit!!)

Love this pretty pink color....and love the weeping tulips no matter what their color.   I wanted to say that I actually crocheted that tablecloth one summer when my kids were small...five and six.  It took me six weeks....and there has not been another.  I'm proud of it.  And, you know what, it seems like yesterday!

 A close-up of one of the tulips.  Don't you think pink and yellow look just great together?  I love roses sharing those colors also. 

Tessa just graduated from college recently...degrees in ceramics and photography.  She made this bottle and I treasure it.  Hoping she finds a job and gets to do what she loves....I wish that for everyone, don't you?    I found this 6" x 6" canvas at the flea market...recently.  It's parked here until I figure out where I really want it.  The greens in these items just made it really stand out.   And, the sentiment, given past history at my house, made this piece extra meaningful to me. 

This is a Kelly Rae Roberts print....I have shown my little collection on the blog before.  My daughter has given me several pieces of Kelly Rae's work.  (Funny that my daughter's name is Kelly also!)  I may show you those again pretty soon...and this one may join the others OR be placed somewhere else in my home or studio...who you mind changes often.  However, I will love this piece where ever it lands here.  Remember to breathe deeply....and enjoy the little (and very big) things of life while you are doing it.  You never appreciate them until you don't have them any more.  By the way, you can visit Kelly Rae and read her blog if you click here

My daughter and her husband were eating chips with a sandwich week before last.  She reached in the bag and pulled this potato chip out.  Crazy, huh?  Rick said, "Call your mother!"  So, they saved it for me.  I guess you can find a heart shaped thing just about anywhere!

No kidding...I think it's pretty neat.


One more little thing.....bought this big old spoon at the flea with the intention of doing this very thing....using it as a 'dipper' for a bowl of buttons.   This bowl is ten or twelve inches across.  Lots of buttons.  One of my biggest pleasures...finding them any and everywhere.  Wanted some color in the bowl, so added the Christmas red Cardinal salt and pepper shakers I bought at WallyWorld for the holidays.  Pretty cute, I do believe.  The spoon is extra big...almost like a shovel!

So, there is what I call "a little bit of everything."  From flowers, to buttons, to artwork, to potato chips.  Never know what you might find at my place!  Y'all stay warm, safe, and have some fun.  See you soon.  Big hugs, pat

PS.  Are you as annoyed by the time change as I am?


Sheila said...

Glad you have a good visit with family. As always I love your little pieces. Take care

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh! I didn't know others around the country were cursed with time change too!! Ours is even worse now that we have changed to Eastern Time. With our proximity to Chicago we should be Central. Our GOP golfers want to golf when they get home. They actually gave that as a valid reason to switch. Hope you are laughing!

I would have bought those cardinal shakers if I had seen them. So cute the way you have them in the button bowl.

That chip was a message from the Universe that you two needed to speak to each other!! Hearts ARE everywhere. Your love of hearts was what first drew me to read the first post I ever read on your blog.

Be well. Much Love

Jane S. said...

The tulips are lovely! I'm always happy to see those, and daffodils. They're just pretty, that's all!

The time change is irksome to say the least. One hour and now it will take me a week to get used to it. :)

Julie Fukuda said...

Such lovely tulips, and I love those cardinals nesting among the buttons.
I wish we had daylight saving time here. It would make a lot more sense but it was a thing they did after the war during the American occupation so it has a bad connotation and the government doesn't want it... even though it would do much to save electricity.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I brought the same color tulips yesterday. The tulips just add the theme of 'spring' is on its way.

Fibre Optics Group said...

Yes, we too have daylight savings in my neck of the woods and it's always met with mixed reactions.

Love the tulips! The pink/yellow combo reminds me of 1930's fabrics. I love the fact that tulips continue to grow after they are cut. My last bouquet grew about 3".

Jaybird said...

I despise the time change...I like daylight in the morning when I get up and dark in the evening when I am loafing!!! Yep, I'm old and opinionated!!
I am so glad you girls got your week together....even if it was icy! I bet you had lots of good laughs!!
Hugs to you and blessings,

Christy said...

Hi, Pat! Beautiful tulips! I love flowers - I hope we see some around here soon.

Yes, I hate the time change. For some reason, the summer time is a pain for me. I can't sleep soundly, everything seems "off" - I don't know what it is, but it affects me. *sigh*

Have a good week - later gator.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hello, just found your blog and love it!i have heard that when it thunders in February, we are supposed to have a hard freeze in April. I thundered and sleeted here in February,....I live in Texas...and the mesquite trees have still not budded..........I think that saying might be right. Love all of your flowers, buttons and flea market finds. The potato chip is cute! I love pink and yellow roses as well! Enjoyed visiting here! Please stop by to say hello sometime! blessings, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

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A Bit of Heaven
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