Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bluetts in a Pie Plate

I have been trying for weeks to think of something 'different' to post on this blog.  As you know, my forward momentum came to a stop at the end of November and I am still having difficulty focusing on what I need to do...such as posting.  In fact, I've been unable to post, sew or any number of things that I would normally spend time doing.  I'm working on it getting better...guess I'm just a slow poke at the moment....and hope before long I will, at the least, come up with something pretty for you to see and while doing that, maybe I'll perk myself up at the same time.

I have a huge fondness for Bluetts.  In our yards, they are weeds, but in all the "out and about places" they are one of Arkansas's most beautiful wildflowers.  Strictly my own opinion of course.  I have plenty of them on my two acres here  and enjoy searching for them.  I say searching because they are teeny tiny little things and hard for me to see....but search I do and find them all over the place.  The other day, in honor of my friend, Sherry, who also loves Bluetts, I ventured forth into the backyard and photographed and picked some of them.  This post is for you,  Sherry!

I put them in a child's doll glass from a little vintage set I have had for a long time.... it's about an inch and a half you can see the flowers really are teeny tiny.  I thought you might get an idea of their size if I held the point of a ball point pen next to one.  See, I'm not kidding about their smallness, although to me (and Sherry!), they are 'biggies' on the list of wildflowers. 


When taking the photos, I decided it would be interesting to place the tiny glass on one of my recent flea market finds...this gorgeous pie plate.  And, isn't it though?  Gorgeous,  I mean.  This pie plate just made my heart flutter about so.  And, along with the Bluetts, makes me feel really good just to be able to see these beautiful things!

 Thought you might want to see the back of the pie plate too.  Even it is beautiful!!! 

 Another close-up of the flowers flowers.  These stayed 'pretty' for about four days in this tiny glass and I enjoyed having them in my kitchen.

Another photo of the pie plate.  It was love at first sight!!  Makes me want to go and embroider roses and other flowers...something that is difficult for me to do right now....but soon, I hope to be able to stitch's a vision thing, not a state of mind thing.  I think I need to find a plate stand so I can put this in the kitchen and enjoy it all the time!!


Another part of the pie plate.  I just can't seem to get enough of looking at beautiful!  I can see stitching some Roses, Forget-Me-Knots, tiny leaves and of course....French Knots if I used this for inspiration.

 I need some fabrics in all these colors.....and some silk ribbon, some perle cotton, oh my!


This may be only time I would say not to cover up a pie plate with actual pie!!

 Another view of the back....I can tell you, if I ever found another one...I'd buy it too!

 And, don't you love pieces like this with the crazed finish.....Be Still My Heart!!!

If you are interested in Arkansas is a book I really enjoy.  And, this is how I learned about Bluetts.  I'm pretty sure it would still be in print although I have had this one for quite a long time.

Page 214.  All about Bluetts.  Maybe they grow where you are...I just don't know, but if you are out hiking somewhere (or have weeds in your yard as I do) then maybe you might run across some.  Look closely...and if you find them, you will look each time you go out walking as they are a reward for looking at your surroundings closely.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them here on my blog too. 

Well, now I feel better.  Maybe I can find something else around here to show you very soon.....I know I need to spend some time trying anyway...because if you feel better, then I know I will feel better too!!!

I came across the work of a young artist a few days ago.  Her work is so happy and cheerful, I wanted to share it with you.  You can see it at  This is what one of her pieces has to say:

"My soul is made of meadow flowers"

Yes, indeedy, Katie!!!!  Y'all take care out there, pat


Sherry said...

Oh, Pat! What a treat! I haven't looked for those lovely little things lately so I'm so happy to see your bouquet. Don't they smell heavenly, once you gather enough to be able to actually smell them!?! You inspired me to retrieve my wildflower book and, as we speculated, it's the same one you have. Thanks so much for thinking about me!

And, yes, that might just be the prettiest pie plate I've ever seen!

Christy said...

I certainly would've bought that pie plate in a heartbeat! It's just lovely.

I'm pretty sure I've seen your little bluetts here in Northern Illinois. So sweet!

Take your time getting back in the swing, Pat. I think this winter wore everyone out. I'm still lagging behind in things I want done, too. Take it easy, kiddo.

Glad to see this post from you today.

Cindy P said...

I love the pie plate too, Pat. I miss hearing from you and I hope you get your joy back.

Huge hugs, my friend.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Nice post Pat. The plate is so pretty. NO purple flower could ever be a weed! The book you have is a treasured find. I'll have to search for one for Indiana. Here we have Chicory growing on the road sides. I LOVE it and have tried many times to bring it into my yard. The only one I have every had miraculously showed up on Jack's grave (my beloved Box-a-dor). I also love the violets that my FIL calls weeds...silly man!

Great to hear from you.
xx, Carol

Sheila said...

It's funny, I was just thinking about you with the tornadoes in the area and then looked at my email and there is a post from you.
My son is in Ward and I know its not to awfully far from your area and he is OK.

The pie plate is beautiful, I would have bought it too. Just love it. Not sure but I think we might have some of those little flowers in our yard.
Take your time getting back.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

The flowers are pretty, but I can't believe how gorgeous that pie plate is! What a treasure! I am keeping Arkansas in my prayers today. So saddened by the huge loss from the tornado. Twyla said...

I remember tiny grandchildren bringing me a handful of these with some yellow ones added in. I should have taken pictures. Hang in there dear friend. Hugs

Julie Fukuda said...

I have been enjoying a few wild flowers that have popped up among garden plants that I rescued from my neighbor's garden ahead of the bulldozers. Finding the names in English is not easy and there is nothing I am familiar with from my U.S.days.
Thanks for sharing yours.

Jaybird said...

Hi there Pat girl!!
We have Bluetts in our back yard too....I was just remarking how pretty they are and barely big enough for me to see!!
Now that pie plate is the cat's meow!!! Oh my gorgeous is THAT!!
Now I will have something new to search for...just what I need, a new "thing" :^)
Blessings to you,

Vicki Boster said...

Dearest Pat-- I think of you so often - I sure it must be so hard for you to be finding your way on this most unfamiliar path in your life right now.

Your pie plate is so beautiful-- truly!! The little flowers are a fresh breathe of spring.

Sending my love to you--

http://thankfullga447 said...

I just love the pie plate, it brings happiness. Thinking of you - your state is going through some tuff times with the weather. Hope you are safe.

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