Monday, April 6, 2015

Changing the Mantel

 It seemed to be 'changing the mantel' time over the weekend.  I finally took the 'snow scene' print from off the mantel and that means other things get changed there too.  Well, taking that winter print down led to this Springtime know how it goes.  Especially when I'm in the mood to do some 'piddling' around the house.  I think I am a champion piddler!

So, here it is closer up.  Several vintage clocks on the mantel...well, except the one with the bells.  It isn't old, just looks it.  It does work...paid $1 for it a couple of weeks ago at the flea.  The rest are vintage.

 A closer view....a vintage postcard placed on a small guitar part...I have no clue what it is except it has something to do with guitars and I knew I could use it for a postcard or photo holder.  That sweet little bird is a flea market item....the little sign in its beak says "Wish."  By all means! 

Also, there is THAT mirror!  I found it at the flea too.  It was standing on end in the corner of a booth.  I have a small mirror collection, so immediately was attracted to it - loved the shape of it.   I always love oval shaped frames and such and even though this isn't oval,  I could imagine it on my mantel, placed horizontally. So, I took a closer look and discovered it was a mirror off a BUS!!!  It's heavy, but I picked it up anyway and took a good look...then decided I was should go on my mantel.  It makes me smile to know what it really is and where it has found a new home.  The old navy man would be shaking his head about now and then laugh out loud!!!

Another look at that print.


A closer look at the sweet!

 I managed to get a photo of the print without the frame.  Now, what do you see when you look at this print?  If you have read my blog with any regularity, then you know I see Pink French Knots!!!  Just saying.  Seriously....I just LOVE old prints like this!!  I can imagine myself standing right there on the path...

So, until the mantel cries out for changing again...this is it.  Hope you enjoyed seeing it.
Wishing you a lovely new week!

Until next time,


Sheila said...

Hi Pat, The mantel looks great. I love the print.

Christy said...

The mantel looks very good! You are a crafty girl, Pat. Hope you had a good Easter.

Julie Fukuda said...

I remember fondly my life in houses with mantles to decorate. Now I have more pictures than wall space. Your room looks so inviting.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The mantel is perfect. That said, in MY house it would be a HUGE dust collector. And what beautiful hardwood floors you have. No matter what I do, I can't keep mine looking like that. From dust mop to camera a hairball would mysteriously

Seriously, your mantel is lovely. Your house is so cozy.
xx, Carol

Shirlee Fassell said...

Your mantel is delightful, I also have a mirror collection so I love the mirror!

Jaybird said...

It looks beautiful Ms. Pat!! I love that picture, and have a plate with a similar scene in my kitchen :^)
The post card holder is the tuner assembly from one side of a 12 string guitar!! Cool idea you had to use it!!
Now, you need to stick a pin in me and get me on the ball to do my mantle!! I DID manage to change from the snow picture, but that is as far as I got :^( I need to get myself in gear!
Blessings to you....I get to see the sister this evening :^)

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