Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Vintage Embroidered Basket Quilt

 A couple of weeks ago, my friend Kay, from Mountain View, came for a visit.  She is a really dear, and very talented friend who is also interested in vintage quilts.  She brought this one as a gift to me.
A very kind and generous thing to do, don't you think?  I love it!  These photos were taken on a windy day behind my house....with great joy!

This photo was taken under the trees, in dappled sunlight.  Not the best way to picture a quilt, but I love the way there is sunlight and shadow.  There are photos at the end of this post which will show the quilt in a better setting for viewing.

I am not going to show the photos of each block...but most.  You will see a great variety of Baskets, embroidered all by hand in a day gone by.  

Along with Baskets, I tend to be crazy over embroidered bows.  There are several on this quilt.

 This bird is done in what I think is called "Turkey work."  I'm not all that sure, but it is all done by hand.

This strawberries on this block are done in Satin Stitch, along with the leaves and are really pretty.

These photos were taken behind my house.  You can see the back of my house in this photo.
I call this spot a park, although it isn't.  It's the front part of the land on which a clinic sits.  I like to sit out there and read from time to time and it seemed a really nice place to photograph this quilt.  

 This photo was taken on the fence around my patio.  If you click on these photos, you will see much more detail in the photos and this one will give you a good overview of the quilt layout.  It's a lovely quilt and I am so fortunate to have been gifted it.  THANK YOU so much, Kay!!   I hope you enjoy the quilt photos....I am thinking they would be fun to reduce in size and reproduce....

From Bird Nest Cottage,

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Julie Fukuda said...

That looks like a good sized quilt and I love the embroidery and the variety of baskets depicted.
I am interested to see the quality of "vintage" thread has held up over the years. My kids had quilts made by my mom with embroidered blocks. That made 50 years ago for my eldest daughter has held up well but those made in later years with newer thread have all deteriorated in both the embroidery (mostly dark colors) and the quilting thread. Of course, my mother always bought the cheapest of anything, but even today I have had problems with the mordants used in blacks and browns and purples causing fabric to rot in place on quilts.

Pat said...

Julie, there are some blocks on this quilt with threads in a bit of a failing condition. Of course, it was made long ago, I'm guessing in the 40's. But, many of them are in excellent condition. I, myself, have had no problems with rot, and I have been embroidering since I was thirteen...we know how long ago that was. I used a cheaper thread long ago...but for the last thirty years, or so, I have favored DMC embroidery thread and have had no issues. This may just depend on who you talk to, but I can only report on my own experiences. Thanks for sharing your story, my friend. pat

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

What a great gift! My biological mother stitched beautiful pieces, I am told. I was gifted a few WIP that were found when she passed. These baskets remind me of those pieces that I have packed away. Since I am stitching Crazy Quilt blocks right now, I have wondered how my threads will hold up over the years. I use DMC, but may have a few Anchor and hoping my grandkids and their kids will be able to enjoy them long into the future. Bet you were thrilled with this gift!!

xx, Carol said...

Some of those basket blocks I have and did them in embroidery. Wonder where they are? I believe they are in my Aunt Martha packages. The quilt blocks are perfect in yellow.

Christy said...

How sweet of your friend to get the quilt for you. It's a wonderful gift and a perfect gift for you.

Maureen said...

I love the simplicity of the embroidered baskets on this quilt. What a treasure!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What a wonderful gift! I adore these vintage style baskets. Thank you for showing them.

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