Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Giveaway Winner!

 I am very happy to announce the winner of my 2015 Birthday Giveaway.  The winner is:


Emily, I have just sent you an email requesting your actual address so I can send you these Giveaway items.  I will mail them to you asap and hope you enjoy having them.  And, thank you for visiting my blog.

For you others who took the time to comment, I give you a big Thank You for your interest in not only the Giveaway, but also for visiting many of you do.  Your comments quite often make my day and keep me trying to come up with something worthwhile for you to see when you visit.  I will be having other Giveaways from time to hoping you will stay tuned for those and continue to walk through this crazy little life of mine with me.    See you here soon.

Bird Nest Cottage,
 Until next time,


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, we are thanking YOU!! I like the way us bloggers stick together and I love to see comments here, as much as I do on my own blog.

I am feeling deflated today. My Cubs let me down yet again. But I'll remember that the Blackhawks RULE. Sorry...I had to mention it somewhere on the web where I wouldn't be laughed at. At home, I plug my ears saying NA NA NA NA I CAN'T HEAR YOU, while Terry says things I don't want to hear and if I did I'd be looking for something to throw at him. And he's not even a baseball fan! Brother.

Congratulations to Emily.
xx, Carol

Janice said...

Congratulations, Emily!!

reclaimed wood dining table said...

Congratulations Emily! You deserve it.

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A Bit of Heaven
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