Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nearing Christmas

 Christmas is near.  Yes, indeed!  Time has certainly marched along.  I am not really decorating this year, as in the last few, I have not felt the inclination to do much decorating.  This year, there will be no events here as I will be celebrating the season at daughter Kelly's home.  I have managed to put a wreath on my front porch, along with Santa, some birds, and am burning candles out there each night.  I like the old-fashioned idea of real candles burning in the my porch will have candlelight the rest of this month, and I hope to post some Christmas things for you to see.  

 And, lest you think my home will be without any Christmas cheer at all...bear in mind that my favorite colors are red and green, so I consider it already decorated, in some ways.  Here you get a glimpse of my tiny dining room.  With it's red and green quilt.  In each square is the name of a family member, in many, multiple names, so I could fit the whole family in (well, the family members we had at the time it was made, that is)....I made it long ago and still enjoy it.

But, really, I wanted to post this room, not only because Christmas is near, but also because I recently purchased this beautiful old bowl and it seems to add a little bit extra to the specialness of this room.  (Thank you, Kathy at Funky Junque!) I had intended to do something else with the bowl....but decided it looked great right here in the middle of the table with not another thing needed.  And, after all, pink is just a lighter shade of red, so in my mind it all goes dining room, and Christmas decorating.

 So, I hope you enjoy the peek into my home....there will be another peek or two before Christmas Day....not 'decorated' just for the holiday, but how I live here at Bird Nest Cottage.  You may even   see my Christmas Candle on the porch nearer the 25th.  As you know, I prefer to keep things simple.

 And, all things vintage....whenever possible.

 And, so you know, this little tea cup was made by Julie.  You can see her artwork at

and that sweet little quilted bird was made by Mandy.  You can see her artwork at

Click to enlarge to see both these items.....two of my most favorite things!

And, as Christmas nears, there you have it....

from Bird Nest Cottage
until next time,
(And, yes, this huge bowl IS missing it's matching pitcher....lost along the path of everyday life,  I suppose.  Not to worry, I do love it anyway!)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good Morning!! I just love seeing what you have on display in your home. This bowl is gorgeous! With three dogs shaking up the dust around here I would spend all my time dusting and washing all of your lovely treasures. I haven't decorated much either. Of course I had to have lights outside. I love them so much and with two patio doors in the living room I can enjoy them as much as the neighbors. I asked Corey if I should put up a tree and his reply was "It's Christmas, isn't it?" So I took that to mean he wanted one. Corey and his girlfriend decorated it. I guess I'll make cookies too since Corey is our resident Cookie Monster!!
xx, Carol

Christy said...

Beautiful pitcher, Pat. Your home is always lovely. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. You just sit back at your daughters house and enjoy the season. Take care and Good Tidings to you.

Una said...

Hi Pat,wow you have such a fabulous home,how amazing is your quilt i should have loved a quilting teacher like you,but i just taught myself,so i dont make masterpieces like you do,but i wish i could.Your pitcher is very pretty its a shame about the jug but it looks good on its own,until next time,stay safe and every happiness for the coming

Jaybird said...

It looks beautiful Ms. Pat!!! I love your bowl and of course you KNOW that I love your quilts. I may have a hanging that is just as lovely though....It is red and green and has beautiful angels in the blocks. It was made by a completely lovely lady and gifted to me by her and her sweet sister. I don't suppose you know who that may have been????? :^)
It is hanging in my dining room looking so pretty and festive against the red wall!
I know I am hopelessly out of date, but I still love my reds and greens!
Blessings to you, and a big hug!

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