Friday, February 5, 2016

On an Early Morning Walk....

  On my early morning walk today, I looked up and this is what I saw.  Gorgeous, isn't it?  Those jet trails were everywhere....reminding me that some people begin their jobs in the very early hours of each new day.  And, these particular people, making their marks across the sky, were making this morning very special.   Early Morning Weavings.  "Slow Stitching" at jet speed.  Quilting to the Nth degree.  Over lace.  I always think of trees in silhouette as being "nature's version of lace."  Do you see it? 

These photos were taken from the empty street behind my house.  In the cold - it was 25 degrees.

 Here, in the church parking lot.

 This one, directly behind my house.

This one also.

I tried to get a closer view of one jet trail. 

 First thing I thought of when I saw it was a strip of Tatting.  Yes, Tatting.  The one type of needlework I could never quite grasp.  But a pilot did.
 (Why do thoughts like this enter my mind?)

A beautiful way to start the day!!!
I am grateful.
Have a lovely weekend!


Bird Nest Cottage

until next time

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Sherry said...

Pat, you have a lovely way of looking at the world!

Sherry in Little Rock

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