Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Peek Inside

A peek inside.  That's what you are getting today.  Now, if I were a photographer, I'm sure these photos would be much more interesting, but since I'm not...well, you'll just have to make the best of the 'peek.'  I hope you enjoy seeing this stuff as much as I enjoy playing around with it all.  And, bear in mind, it didn't all appear at my house in one fell swoop, it took years to gather all this stuff together.  In the last few months, I have had some friends visit Bird Nest Cottage.  Some had been to my previous house with the studio, and some were visiting me for the first time.  I'm sure it is a shock when they come I am a hoarder.  Last Thursday, I had a delightful visit with my friends from Mountain View, Kay, Linda, Susan and Joan.  All but Joan had been here before, but you'd never know it....all the funny oohing and ahhing.  Without saying a word, they gave me the idea for this post.  You see, for some reason, when people come here....they just want to look at every little thing, know the stories, see and touch, so I just tell them to open any door or drawer they want to and look around.  I enjoy it very much.  

For some reason, that day, they were drawn to the closets in the bathroom.  I have an odd bathroom, it's big and there are four closets in it.  I'll explain as I go.  For instance, when you enter my bathroom, there is a closet on the left...see it there with vintage clothes hanging from the door.  There is also another closet just past it...there with the mirror.  That closet there...the one with the clothing on the door - I call it the 'Bead Closet.'  There is much more in there than beads, but that's what I call it...for short.  Susan and Joan opened it and that is when the fun began.  They made me laugh...which is a really good thing.'s take a look.  I'm not sure how to go about showing you, in a round about is what they saw:  (Remember to click to enlarge if need be.)

On the back of the door is my latest attempt at organizing...all my regular sewing threads organized by a see-thru shoe organizer from Walmart.  That got me started on my latest craze...finding uses for shoe organizers.  I bought four and they are already full and in various places in the house. house has great closets and that day...discovering what I had in them was a goal and like I said, they had permission to look anywhere they wanted.  I think they liked the thread storage, but when they both stepped INTO the closet at the same time, it became FUN! 

Those little drawers are also full....collected over many years...both the drawers and what is in them.
Beads, broken jewelry for embellishments, all kinds of stuff.  And, the trays are actually commercial embroidery thread shelves...labeled Star Six Strand Embroidery Cotton, 5 cents.  This time, they are filled with embellishments of all kinds...some in very good condition...some not so much, but useful, nonetheless.

That tie rack was there when I bought the place, so rather than take it down, it became home for strands of beads and other necklaces....a beaded bag, just anything I wanted to hang there.  Atop the little drawers of beads and such is a collection of decorative boxes...gosh, I love those things!...some with contents, some waiting for contents!

And, a few other things besides!  The two wooden jewelry box hutches are from my friend, Jim.  He knows I love little cabinets, small drawers.....doors and things with little shelves. 

 And, when you run out of space...start attaching things to walls!

The top three drawers in this stack of plastic storage drawers, holds all my DMC embroidery floss.
Years ago, I posted my way of storing and organizing my DMC floss and I still use that method today.
You can read all about it  HERE .

Here you can see the rest of the closet and the sewing thread in it's entirety.....It's all tucked away nicely and makes it very convenient for me.

 Another photo of what is above all the bead storage. 

 Another peek. 
  It really made me laugh to see and hear Susan and Joan in the bead closet!


Right across from that closet is a vanity.  One of two in that bathroom.  Now remember...I live alone.  There is no reason for me to have two below the sink is towel storage, etc, but above is stuff that is totally not necessary....for instance...a few things just to "look at."


 A tiny little "pie safe."  With small spools of rayon ribbon, some books - one to one and a half inches tall. And, a tiny, tiny cup with my name on it...another gift from Jim.  
You will have to enlarge to see.

A tall decorative jar filled with lavender and a tiny cup with a bird on it acting as a cute.  A votive candle holder...looks old but isn't...and then, a china a silver holder.  Not in great condition, but I loved it anyway....and who could throw out that wonderful floral wreath/basket/bow?

 Well, I couldn't!

And, on the towel rack, a beautifully stitched vintage linen hand towel.

 Be still my heart!!!


Now, that brings me to the medicine cabinet.  Well, I only need one of those, so this one is "an extra."
Knowing me, you know there isn't anything in there that is 'supposed to be' so let's peek in there.

(Yes, a string of vintage buttons hanging from the knob.)

 And, here is what is stored in here...a treat for anyone peeking into this cabinet!  
Vintage sewing thread!  And, a tiny crocheted pin cushion.  A button card, so cute!

You'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how many folks just do NOT see this as a treat...but rather, something on the weird side!
(I don't mind that they don't 'get it.')

 Vintage crochet thread!


 So, there you are!  
And, I LOVED that my friends enjoyed the peeking as much as I did!  They GET IT!
Here they are....what a fun day we had!  Thank you girls for the visit.  You drove a long way to stand in my closet and entertain yourselves.  WHAT FUN!!!

 Susan and Joan.  And, they were giggling like young girls. 


 And, there was Linda and Kay....doing their own giggling.  Enjoying, I think, that 'odd' medicine cabinet. 

 Just made my day!!!


 Just look at Kay's expression and Linda pointing.  Oh yes, it was a very good day!
I loved it!!!


And, I hope you out there in blogland enjoyed the peeking too!!!

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Sheila said...

I loved looking at the pictures. I can understand what fun they had looking thru the closets. Like a kid in a candy store.
Glad you had a good day. Take care

Christy said...

You can still open your own store! You sure have alot of space in your new place. Wow, Pat, You're like a little butterfly, flitting around and picking up whatever you can carry. hahahaha. Thanks - I really enjoyed your tour today. Take care.

schandika said...

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schandika said...

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh!! this is the most FUN post! My daughter bought those tiny mugs for herself and the two boys when they were babies. I wonder if she still has them after all her she does. Somehow that closet did not surprise me at all!! I was in awe as I thoroughly inspected each picture. And a bathroom with FOUR closets...where can I get one!!

What I like about this post is that you enjoy each and every item you have collected. Each item has a story and you can probably relate how you came across each one. Even though this is a new house, it's filled with so many memories.
xx, Carol

Barbara said...

Wow! What fun, feels like a museum exhibit (except for the plastic hangers, lol). You may be a hoarder, but unlike the ones we see on TV, your organizational skills are impeccable. I cannot imagine a bathroom with so many closets!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Beautiful I love it all.

Julie Fukuda said...

Of course, a place for everything and everything in its place.
I didn't work in a library for nothing!
Now I am wishing for your new address because something just flew over here by mistake and needs a bit more directions.

Lynn B said...

Hi Pat,

Oh my goodness, I love it all! Everything is so beautifully organised, it is a real crafters dream!
I wish I could get organised in my craft room but I still have everything in boxes since we moved house.

Best wishes

Lynn B

Anonymous said...

I Loved the tour. I so "get" you Pat. That is what collectors homes are for - collecting! I'm just like you and I am slowly working my way to organizing all my precious stuff too.

Jaybird said...

You KNOW that I loved peeking!!! I so wish I had storage for good stuff like that. I have lots of floor space, but only a small amount of room for storage. Maybe I should send all of my "stuph" to you....and let you put it away so neatly and beautifully :^)!!
Have a good week and be blessed,

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A Bit of Heaven
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