Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Rescued Quilt, Repaired and Cozy

 In my last post, I told you about the nine old quilts given to me by a friend.  I said I'd be showing you those quilts as time goes by.  I figure it will take years, should I live long enough (and IF possible to repair them!) but this one needed the least repair, so is the first to be repaired and I have to say....it is a lovely thing to have.  It's kind of homely, really, but if you are a 'tactile person'...then you'd know exactly why I'd say it is a lovely thing to have.  After washing it several times...and then, patching it...well, 

nothing would do, until I spent a little time wrapped up in it.  It is soft as a cloud and now smells so nice....it's cozy as a quilt could be!  It's irresistible!  And, once you take a good look at it....well, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder....so it has become beautiful to me!

 Something you might want to know about this quilt is....it isn't flannel!  I thought so at first, but on second look....no, it's not...I expect it is made from old clothes. Here and there, you can see where I stitched up the holes.  Thinking it wouldn't be much better looking patched, I just stitched up the holes and with each one I closed up, my fondness for the quilt grew.

 The backing is made from a really soft supple fabric...not a quilt cotton kind of fabric...it feels divine.  You can see a little mending job right there....

 I believe this quilt was made just to keep warm....like they used to do....before we became spoiled with an excess of fabric to purchase and make our 'special' quilts from.  


 and then, mended again and again....I think there are about fifteen mended places on this quilt now.
And, I have to say....I have wrapped up in it just about every evening since the mending was done.
So, it has been rescued and repaired....becoming one of my favorite quilts in the house.  It lives not too far from my tv....providing a little cozy comfort each evening.

My idea of being cozy is wrapping myself in a soft hand stitched quilt while reading a good book or watching my favorite British mysteries on Netflix.  How lucky am I to have received this old quilt, been able to repair it, and then enjoy it each night.  Now, to continue on to the rest of the nine!!

 Speaking of being cozy....here's where I'm headed right now....to bed, to wrap up in the quilt I made so long ago...with a wonderful book to read.  Cozy....yes, indeed!

Bird Nest Cottage
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littlemancat said...

It looks so nice - the red is really pretty. A nice accomplishment! Looks right at home.

Jaybird said...

Of COURSE it is beautiful.....it's RED!!!!!!! It really is beautiful and comfy looking. Those patched places are amazing and give it a well loved personality.
It looks great on your sofa, and if you are getting the rain that is blessing us, I know you will enjoy it allllll week!!

sandi s said...

I'm so happy to see how you saved this quilt! I love old quilts that have no rhyme or reason on how they were put together. They are one of my favorites. I have a couple I picked up at yard sales and they are so soft and comfy to use. I love the British mysterys on Netflix also. Have a good week. Hugs,

Rengin Yazitas said...

Congratulations for your hard work to save this lovely quilt. It looks great at your lovely home.
Rengin, in Istanbul

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, who would have thunk it!! To me, it looks pretty darned warm and cozy. I would not have know how to BEGIN to repair a quilt. This is a great save.
xx, Carol

Christy said...

I really like the quilt. It looks very warm and cozy. I love that you rescue so many of these wonderful blankets. You're a sweetie, Pat.

Unknown said...

I love the quilt and you have inspired me to get out some of my old quilts. How did you wash it? I am always afraid to wash old quilts, especially those that need repair.

You have set yourself a project that will probably keep you busy a long time.

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