Thursday, May 18, 2017

What I See

The first three photos in today's post were gathered TODAY from the internet.  They are beautiful!
Had I seen these in the past, I could say they may have inspired me to create a piece of work, but since I just saw them today....all I can say is they ARE an INSPIRATION!  Normally, I might SEE a tree or a house or a flower here on my own little bit of the planet that might possibly get me enthused about stitching a new design based upon those particular sights.  Sometimes, I just IMAGINE these things into existence.  So, I want to share these three with you and let you know what they made me think of today.

First, that beautiful pink tree!  OH, MY!  French Knots!  When I see blooming trees, I always want to embroider some French Knots into a little tree...set in some simple scene. 

Then, more trees!  This scene is quite beautiful too.  Years ago, while teaching a class, I said that trees in 'silhouette' - like these -  have convinced me that "trees are Nature's version of lace."  If you've ever driven down a country road just before dark, you have seen trees like this....yes, all lacy against the darkening sky.  More inspiration, for sure.

Look at what is left of this very old, old house!  I can imagine the stories that whirl in and out of it through the missing windows and doors.  I wish it could be saved.  It is beautiful to me.  (There is one not far from me...I've shown in on the blog before....fading away into oblivion.  I need to go photograph it again before it's gone.  I am inspired by these places to create tiny little houses made of applique and embroidery.  Mine is a poor version of such a sweet old place.  Just a memory, really, of a place I never actually experienced.  Maybe a quilter/embroiderer lived there, stitching her creations - not like I do...for pleasure, but to keep herself and the family warm.  I like to think of things like that.

So, those three photographs are inspiring, for sure, but what I create never looks anything like what inspires me to stitch.  It's funny how that works.  Then, too, I haven't the talent to stitch anything that looks realistic. There's that.  I guess I can stitch a 'reminder' of a real thing or place though.  And, I have to keep it simple as basic stitching is what I'm best at.

This little framed piece (2"x3") is one of my favorite pieces.  I could never let it go as it is one of the first tiny scenes I made.  Maybe someone will think enough of it to save it when I'm gone. 

Another scene.  A pincushion.  Just a tad over three inches square.  A friend said it would be difficult to actually stick a pin in it.  Seriously?  It's made of hundreds of stitches actually.  With a needle making each and every one.  How many holes would that be?  Maybe you can see I've got some heart pins sticking in the top.  They make me smile.

And, a close-up of that barn.  It's 4 1/2" x 6 1/2."  I made it...then the Old Navy Man said the barn  would never have power hooked up to it as it didn't have any power lines to supply it.  So, I felt obligated to stitch those...adding a tiny transformer!  He loved that.  And, of course, that made me happy.  (Sorry about the reflections on the glass!)

More trees, a tiny house.......wild flowers.  Oh yes, "my soul is made of wildflowers."  That's a quote from an artist named Katie Daisy.    I agree, as I think mine is too.  This piece was made way before I'd ever heard of Katie's work....but it would have inspired me had I seen it then.  You can see her work at

This piece consists of a painted canvas with a piece of painted and embroidered quilt batting added on top.  I loved making it.   (Do you see the swing in the tree?)


I've made several bird pincushions......about six inches square.  All with beaded edgings.  Sold all of them.  Maybe one day I'll make myself one....???  This bird is about 1 1/2" long.

This one is tiny too...but the whole pincushion is only six or so inches, so it's all small.  FUN, but hard work too.  I think I like tedious work to be honest.  (Those eggs are tiny beads.)

Lastly, more birds.  I painted the fabric, then embroidered the birds, etc.  

So...did any of this make sense?  Inspired by the photos of others seen on the Internet, by scenes from my daily life, or scenes as "Anne of Green Gables" might say..."within the scope of my imagination," I am hoping to create again in the near future.  I've been in a slump, but working my way out of it.  I'll be spending some time with some of my favorite 'peeps' in the next few weeks, but hope to return sometime in June with a thing to two to talk about.

Do take care out there!

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Growing Old Fast said...

Dear Pat I thought of you today. My husband and I were digging up rocks at a house that's going to be torn down. And what did I find? A rock with a heart on it. Love the pictures. Hugs, Pam Gonzalez said...

Dearest Pat so good to see you posting and sharing your beautiful work. So sorry that I have not been keeping in touch. I think of you a lot. You inspire me as always.

sandi s said...

Good Morning, I love the pictures you posted, the pink tree is gorgeous! I love old ramshackle houses too. I alway wish I knew who had lived there and how their lives were. The same when I find an old quilt or handwork. What was she thinking about, was she making it for her family or gift. I love your post today. I hope your visit with your "peeps" and that cheers you up greatly. Hugs,

Jaybird said...

Beautiful Ms. Pat!!! Our birdies are gathering to await your arrival :^)
We need a bit of rain, but otherwise things are looking pretty good around the homestead. I will think of you this evening as I move some old bricks I "saved" around to set plants on top of them.
Your handwork is so amazing....I don't know how you sew such a "fine seam"! and the beadwork is more than lovely!!
Blessings and looking forward to seeing you,

Christy said...

Hi Pat! I've always loved bare tree branches at dust or by moonlight. I love the pictures you posted. You have so much creativity. You're very blessed.

Jenny said...

Hello my friend....

Your pictures are lovely and so very inspiring! I know exactly what you mean when you see something and just HAVE to pick up a needle to recreate it with fabric and thread! I too love old houses with a story, birds in their nests and trees!

Your work is so beautiful! I love all the little things that you create. You have such a gift with needle and thread! Thank you for making my heart smile this morning! It was a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning and so very inspiring! I will definitely make some time to day to be creative!

Enjoy your time with your favorite was so good to hear from you!

Hugs my friend:)

Julie Fukuda said...

I don't think I could ever stick pins in those darling cushions!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I remember when you first posted a picture of the art you extended into the margins. I have loved so many of the pieces you have created. The bench under the tree will always be my favorite as it is where I wish we could sit and visit for a while. I want to create a landscape piece. Someday I'll have the focus to do it. Until then, I'll just keep putzing around I guess, lol.
Much Love

Anonymous said...

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