Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Lamp...A Shade

 A couple of weeks ago, I bought this lamp at the flea market.  $5.00.  So cool, just my style and  favorite color combo.  It didn't have a shade and the only one I had here was this one.  Too short.
Not wanting to spend any money on it, I decided to take this little girl's petticoate and use it to create a longer shade.

 Here is the petticoat...sorry, I don't know how to flip this photo once it's in the blog post.  But, you can get the idea.  There are tucks....

 I do love tucks!

 And, there are embroidered flowers!

 And, here is the new old lampshade...with a bit more to come.  My daughter, the Minimalist, saw this photo and said it didn't look right for needed beads.  Really, a Minimalist said that!  So, me being me....I took it upon myself to bead the lower edge.

I also added ribbon near the top and pinned an old brooch there at the top.  It 'kind of' matches the lamp.

Here is a close-up of the lower edge.   

 And, here is the brooch and the ribbon...actually, it is rayon ribbon...the kind I tend to hoard if I have any.  Love it.  I just attached it with large French Knots.  The petticoat is sewn to the lampshade at the very top.

Click to see a close-up version of the lamp...I dearly love it. 

 And, here it my living room....I do so love lamplight!

This is another lamp I have in the living room.........a very old floor lamp.  I thought I'd actually make a shade for it too.  Just a different one altogether.  I seem to be collecting lampshade frames for some this one I had....and since I had plenty of muslin, I decided to tear strips of it and just tie it on the frame.  Kind of an experiment.  


 And, here...turned on.  I kind of like the thing!!!  Did I say I love lamplight? 

 Indeed I did!!!

So, there you are.  Two lampshades, created out of practically nothing and a lot of time.  

 (Quilts coming on Sunday if all goes well.)

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful idea!. I thought the shade was just ok until you dolled it up. Its perfect and that beading and ribbon makes it so darned cute. I really love the muslin tied shade. Where in the world did you get the idea to do THAT!! I like lamp light too and have struggled to find places to add a lamp. I get wildly crazy when my family turns on the lights that are on the two ceiling fans in my living room. Just because they are lights does not make them RIGHT!!
xx, Carol

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness Pat you are brilliant! Just brilliant! I am so in love with your lamp shade! I too love lamps and the light they give off! They are so much cozier the bright lights! What a wonderful way to use the darling petticoat and the beads and ribbon just add the perfect touch! And the muslin? Another great idea! Enjoy your new lamps my friend! I am looking forward to seeing the quilts! Have a great weekend! Sending hugs and love!

Jaybird said...

You are amazing chick-a-dee!!!! I love lamps, but it didn't ever cross my mind to make a shade!!! Next time you are around, we will have to look over my stash of stuph to see if I have any frames that you need!!
Right now I will need to see if I can make a certain print shade that I have determined that I need. Wish me luck!!
Blessings to you,

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