Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Alphabet in Antique Boxes

As a person who loves to use quotes and loves to write by might find it odd that I also love rubber stamps and have for a long time.  I have several little sets of alphabets in different sizes and have used them both in hand written notes and collages and the like.  But, I found these last week at the Junk favorite adventure away from home.  They are two lovely old and very well used sets of alphabets in very old wooden boxes.  I bought them for me (the largest, of course), with a tray inside.  The smaller for my daughter...but hers also has the largest I thought she might want to use them in her paintings somehow.  She and her hubby are abstract artists and you just never what they will want to use. 

There are several stamps with hands and other is a sample...Loved the hand!


 The smaller box had the name Russell J. Hogg on can see it right there on the bottom of the label.  My father-in-law, who passed away this last November....his last name was Hogg.  You don't see it often and I thought that might mean something to Kelly.  Another reason to get it for her.
We miss Gramps around here....wonder if there could be a connection somehow...Hogg doesn't seem to be a real common name.  Of course, neither is Eaton.


 A better look inside the larger box.  Two sizes of alphabets and numbers, one thru ten.  ALL are there...isn't that amazing? 


 I like that there is plenty of space to add more stamps, keep papers or stamp pads.....


 I even like the color of blue ink that has managed to find itself all over the bottom!


 To me they are quite beautiful.

 I have some new-ish rubber stamps.......they seem to say all the right things....especially if you are thinking of writing little notes to special people.  They are phrases of three little words....very important little to convey special thoughts now and again.  And, they don't need a lot of other words added to them:


I could use these antique stamps for those words....and millions more.  

 One of the stamps can even point out where where you should go......right over there.  What fun!

 Hope you enjoyed seeing one of my latest purchases.  I've cleaned the boxes and will deliver the small one to Kelly on Tuesday.  We are going shopping....for paint supplies.  Bet we might even get some special paper to stamp with words with some special meanings....well, you never know!!

until next time
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sandi s said...

Hi Friend, what a great find!! I love finding neat things like that. Great for different projects too. Have a good visit with your daughter and a great week. Hugs, Sandi

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

what an absolutely fabulous find!! You are the guru of treasure finders!!
Much love,

Cindy in Kansas said...

I swear, Pat, you find the BEST STUFF!
Hope you are well.

Joyce Smithson said...

Missed you while you were away! Glad you are back!

Jaybird said...

Well, how cool is that!!
Playing with words is THE best!!!!
Glad you are back.

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