Monday, January 16, 2023

The Month is Half Over Already

 By the fire this January....

 another of the ways I entertain myself...making
                                                  arrangements of my favorite collections.

This one of stones my mother-in-law had collected. An angel.
(Just noticed that the "heart" is upside down.)

Some of my birds...and.... a dandelion collected early in 2022.
And, still looking good.

Books, clocks, bottles.

Children's chairs.  That cat.  I've had it many years.

Old doors.  Found a mailbox for this one.  Sometimes there is mail in it.
A photo of my dad marching along in the army in the 40's.  A tiny
print of an English cottage.
There is no end of things that catch my eye, or bring a memory to mind.
And, January is half over already.  Where did it go? 
I'll be sitting by the fire...remembering.
Hope you are having a safe and warm month with your precious memories too.
Take care, be happy.
Bird Nest Cottage



Judy in Central Texas said...

A lovely view of your (some of your) collections - always love to see each one and so happy you are feeling like writing today.

Sandy K said...

Love all your vignettes. You are so good at that. But that dandelion?!? How in the world is it still intact?

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A Bit of Heaven
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