Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I made myself a Valentine

So, here I am....celebrating Valentine's Day 2023.  I got the idea earlier today to make myself a little Valentine's Day vignette from heart items gathered from around the house.  So, here we are....a little effort to cheer up a rather grey rainy day.  I hope you enjoy the photos and that YOU have a wonderful Valentine's Day yourself.


  That framed piece is a collage of heart and Valentine ephemera I bought several years ago at the flea market.  So pretty....the two vintage heart boxes were given to me by a friend long ago....


There's a heart made of twigs that holds a glass vial for flowers and has a tiny glitter heart suspended in air by a thin wire.  My daughter gave me that years ago. And, also, one of the few really old cards I have found here and there over the years. And, that pincushion you've seen many times here....can't resist embroidering those teeny tiny hearts, so had to add it to the mix.

 And, here we are....Valentines forever. I used one of those old heart boxes to make my Valentine for today.  I had this copy of a photo on my refrigerator for quite a while, and today decided it would be neat to add it to this vintage heart box.  I believe the photo was taken around 2010.  Where did all that time go?  Now that I've made a new heart out of an old one...I really like it....it has "made my day." I'm sure that my "old navy man" would have liked it also.

Hope you are all well and I'm wishing you all the best on your own Valentine's Day.  Take care.

Pat at Bird Nest Cottage ♥️


Unknown said...

Just a note, dearest Pat, to wish you a happy Valentine's Day! I love the way you use your beautiful things to make a celebration and then offer it up on your blog for all of us to share. Thank you for that!

Sherry in Little Rock

Judy in Central Texas said...

Sweet valentine vignette; love seeing your treasures and how you arrange them. Happy day after Valentine -keep smiling and playing with your hearts.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Wonderful to see your goodies, I love the valentine heart that you gave me, it is a treasure. Gisela

Erfahrungen said...

Thanks for your contribution to this blog

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