Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recent Flea Market Finds: #2, Dishes, Ceramics and Crochet

Tonight I am ready to share more of my recent flea market finds with you. Do you know why you or I, either one, like to go in search of these things? For the life of me, I don't know why I love all this hunting/gathering of old, used "stuff" but I certainly do love it and love sharing the "loot" with you.

These were found at the same time as the items I showed you in my last post. I almost become giddy when I find something I really like...and finding a "bargain" just adds to the mood! These were great finds (at least in my eyes), so I hope you enjoy seeing them.

There is a lovely crocheted doily and the cutest child's vintage pillowcase, I always enjoy finding these kinds of things. There is a tiny crocheted girl with parasol in a pretty awful frame. She is just tacked on with thread, so will be leaving the frame and finding a new home on something I will make.
She's so cute and her skirt is very three dimensional!

There is a brown ceramic basket that caught my fancy. (Do you remember me saying that 2010 will be my "year of the basket?" I've started early, I guess!) There are also two tiny ceramic baskets...just so cute.

A pink bird ceramic planter. Yes, it is cracked, but restored, in a manner of speaking. I plan on using it to make one of my pincushions - I work in a "bird nest on the ground," remember! There is that green ceramic planter. It's six inches x nine inches. I've had my eye on that for a good while....and when it finally came down significantly in price...naturally, I bought it.
Love that green!

Two tea cups with saucers. Have I mentioned that I am a tea drinker? When I saw these, well, I was doomed....just had to buy them. Aren't they just gorgeous? And, as you know, the price was right! That little rose plate spoke my name also...

Now, about that larger cup with the rose on practically yelled at me from across the room! It's stamped HARVARD on the idea what it means....and the cup does have a small crack, but it, too, will become one of my pincushions. Just LOVE that rose!!!

Did I do ok? I think so, and had a blast hunting and gathering. Therapy? Yes, indeed, and I still get to do something with them!!

My son is coming on Sunday. It's been a long year since I've seen him, so I'm getting excited!
And, of course, Thanksgiving is next week too. Sometime before Scott gets here, I will be posting, showing you photos of my "Christmas" giveaway. I will not post the week he is here...just too much going on here, the same as your homes too, but I will have him choose the winner before he leaves on Nov. 29th. So, remember to see the post this weekend and leave a comment! (By the way, I decided to do my Christmas giveaway this coming week, so there would be time for the winner to actually USE the stuff before Christmas should they wish to do so.)

Meantime....if you need therapy and are near a flea market...stop in and have some fun hunting and gathering whatever tickles your fancy. It works! take care, pat


Micah Holden said...

OOhhh, this makes me want to go a huntin!! What sweet finds Pat! I know you are looking forward to having your family next week, enjoy the blessing and have a wonderful thanksgiving!!
happy happy blessings

Aida Costa said...

Oh goodness, all your flea market finds are lovely!! Love those tea cups and saucers, so pretty!

The crocheted girl looks very promising, I can imagine weaving in some very thin ribbons as accents.

Aida Costa said...

Hi, it's me again :)

Have you seen this entry on the Quilting Arts blog about flea market shopping? I thought you might like it :)

If that link doesn't work for any reason, go to and about a third of the way down the page you'll see the title "The Inside Scoop on Flea Market Strategies".

Barbara C said...

What treasures! It certainly makes me want to check my local places for goodies. It's amazing how well these things all coordinate. It's as it they all want to be displayed together.

I think the apron in your previous post is my favorite, but I have a weak spot for aprons.

Sharon said...

I love all your new finds especially the crinoline lady...very pretty..I would ditch the frame also..

Sharon G

sandi s said...

You did great. We would have a big time if we shopped together because we'd be looking at the same things. LOL I also drink tea and love teacups. Enjoy you time with your son and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sandi

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