Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Nice "Romantic Home" Surprise

We are almost finished with the year 2009 and this time of the year (the week between Christmas and New Year's Day) is, at our house, a time for some rejuvenation in expectation of a busy January. I like to think all kinds of GOOD things will happen and we must be prepared for them. Life being what it is....sometimes things aren't good, but we must be somewhat prepared for those too, I suppose. Well, as it turns out, today we are beginning early....with the good things, that is.

Earlier today, my friend Sherry called and asked if I had seen the new issue of Romantic Homes magazine. I had not, but I had visited one of my favorite blogs,My Romantic Home,and saw that Cindy, one of my favorite bloggers, was telling about appearing in the February 2010 issue of the magazine and showed one of the photographs chosen to be in the magazine. Earlier this year, I had made a pincushion for Cindy and there in the lower right hand side of that photograph was the blue silk ribbon pincushion I had made for her. Talk about excited!!! I had never imagined that one of my silk ribbon pieces (or anything else I had made) would be shown within the pages of Romantic Homes. It makes me smile.....

Cindy loves blue and so the pincushion I made for her is blue...you can see the whole pincushion - the silk ribbon roses, the beaded edge...all of it, in my blog post of January 21, 2009. And, now I am so happy to see it in the "Valentine" issue!

And, you know one of the most fun things? Well, my friend Sherry recognized my work in the magazine and called to let me know. Aren't friends great! So, here we are....having said this particular time of the year I spend preparing and rejuvenating myself for the coming year...a really NICE thing has happened to give me a little boost...how cool is that? Thanks, Sherry, for remembering, and thank you Cindy and Romantic Homes for giving me lots of inspiration! Take care and Happy New Year! pat

PS. I think it just wonderful that Cindy's teen-aged daughter took the photo of her mom for this article. She did a FINE job....Thank you too, Lauren!!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Pat, I'm so thrilled that your pincushion was in the photo! I have it there in the cabinet because it's so special to me!

My daughter only took the photo of me, not all the photos. Actually taking a good photo of me is a lot harder than any of the photos I take! She did a great job!

Amy R said...

Congrats and what a thrill it must be to see your work on display in such a wonderful publication!

fiberdoodles said...

Oh Pat how exciting for both you and Cindy! Certainly a treasure!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Congratulations Pat, and Happy New Year! blessings, marlene

brenco1 said...

Pat, how special and awesome. You got me reading this magazine, but although I have a copy, I haven't been able to sit long enough to read it - saving it for the New Year. Your work is beautiful and deserves to be seen worldwide as it will someday. Hugs

Rosie said...

Hi Pat, how wonderful for you that your beautiful pincushion was in that lovely magazine. Congratulations and I hope you and your family can look forward to lots more fabulous things happening in 2010!

Mrs. P. said...

I was just looking at this magazine at the store yesterday and decided on another one (Tea Time) instead. Now I'm marching back pver there and picking it up. Congratulations!!

Your blog is lovely!

Happy New Year Blessings!

The Feathered Nest said...

How wonderful is THIS!!!! I'm so happy for you hon!!!!! Of course your work is SO magazine worthy too...this is so cool Pat! It truly is a beautiful pincushion and so very Cindy ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Andrea said...

Happy New Year Pat! Thank you for a year of inspiration, encouragement and kindness. I hope 2010 is as kind to you as you are to everyone.

Cheryl said...

How lovely to have one of your beautiful pincushions on display for the world to see! I cherish the birds net one you made for me and think I will take it with me to my grave..along with the sewing needle and thread that they place in my hands!
Happy New Year Pat!

Maggie Ann said...

I'm surprised more of your needlework isn't published...you've a very special talent!

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The Bird Nest on the Ground Studio
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A Bit of Heaven
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