Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"A Mountain View Visit"

Yesterday I drove to Mountain View to visit with my friend, Kay, and some other quiltmakers.
It has been several years since I've visited Kay's home, so I was very happy to have been invited for this visit. Last time I was there, the house was just barely finished, but I knew it was going to make them a lovely home even then.

Kay is one of those "special" people who always go out of their way to "do" for others, so she is a very kind person who shares whatever she has in a lot of different ways. No way could you leave her home and not feel cared for...I just love her! Now, having said that, you must know that her home looks and feels special too. (I'll post more about my visit yesterday, and her home sometime in January).

Kay had around a dozen friends over and she made a delightful lunch, with lovely table settings, including favors for us all. Looking in the photos, the first one is of Kay's home....I loved her front steps so much I had my brother-in-law make some like this on my front porch. This house is so cool, with an open concept inside, and filled with the "well-loved" things that Kay cozy and homey.....a visual treat! Like I said, I'll show more on another day, but I did want to show you one of my favorite things about the place....Kay lives "up high" and has a bench out "close to the edge" where you can look and see the valley and the river below...the view is so beautiful. This photo doesn't do it justice, but can't you just feel your blood pressure go down when you imagine sitting here?

The luncheon table was just is my place setting. Note the little chair. She said she was going to make me a pincushion with it but decided I might enjoy doing it myself. I'll have to make it very special, like she is!! On the left you can see the favors....a crock complete with "guest ticket".....done only as Kay can do it. I may show that again later...and closer.

One of the ladies present just happened to be one of my students when I taught at the
Folk School. Here you can see the quilt she made from one of my class project kits. Vickie did a marvelous job on this little quilt and I am so happy to hear that she is enjoying applique! I am told that she won a ribbon with this quilt...well, it's beautifully made, so I'm not surprised.
It was good to see her and the quilt!

Here's Kay in her kitchen...just a wonderful place. The day was quite lovely and very special, however, I did miss one particular person...Miss Mary. I haven't seen Mary since my days at the Folk School and I would have enjoyed seeing her as she is another of those "special" people up Mountain View way. She also took classes from me and I really appreciated having her there with us...we laughed a LOT...I missed that yesterday, so here's a message to Mary - I missed you, Mary, and hope to see you some other are a 'very cool' person in my book and I hope you are enjoying your retirement!

I think a good time was had by all...especially ME! Thank you, Kay, for all you do, and, girls, it was very nice to see you all too. What could be better than seeing old friends and making new ones? Y'all take care. pat


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

just love all that knotty pine, boy that looked like a pleasant group. and that view is spectacular.

Amy Munson said...

Hi Pat, I am envious of the view with no snow. We had a first snow this week and only highs in the teens today. Too cold to be outside very long. Hmmmm, I think I will have a Tom and Jerry after I put the kids down tonight, warms just about everything. Anyway, I wanted to pass on a ezine I ran across the other day all on hand work and out of the UK. It is their first issue, so I hope they keep it up for a while. said...

What a wonderful view and place to visit. Glad you have so many good memories with these friends. You deserve a special day.

Gayle said...

Hooray! You're back. I sure enjoyed catching up. What a beautiful home!

Laurolle said...

Thank you for sharing your trip to Kay's home. Being in Alaska, I got to visit with you all,thru your site. Love everything Kay does, and she always does it with fun and love. (Lee)

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