Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Nine Year Old Pin

In October, 2001, I made this pin. Well, I made a pin exactly like this one. It was made to wear to the Quilt Festival in Houston. My way of being patriotic after the horror of 9-11. At the quilt show, in the auditorium, or in the hallway, waiting in line, I realized my pin was missing. I looked all around and couldn't find it. I had just looked at it a few minutes before realizing it was gone. I checked everywhere, including Lost and Found. No pin. Unknown to me, my dear friend, Jim, went back later and searched everywhere he could think of...he didn't find it either. Wasn't that a nice thing for a friend to do! Needless to say, I just had to make another pin. This is it. I keep it in a little wood and glass case that houses some of my little treasures. It's a reminder to me not only to remember, but to appreciate the country I live in. And people. My people...Your people. For life is fragile, the planet is small.

This Saturday, Sept. 11, I will be at a retreat in the exact same place I was on 9-11-01. I will have this pin with me. I will remember. And, I'll also remember my blogging friends from all over this planet. The planet is small. But, being friends with people from all over America and many different countries is big. Really BIG. We are all better for it. Take care out there....pat


Amy said...

Excellent post Miss Pat. I think we don't often enough realize how fortunate we are in our day to day lives and to live each day to the fullest.

Anne said...

I hope someone found and still treasures that very special pin you lost.

Love that your patriotic pin reinforces heart motifs. Even after all America has been through, we must always strive to reach out to others with love--never hate. Of course, your pin echoes that.

Thoughtful and timely post, Pat. Thanks so much for sharing.

fiberdoodles said...

I absolutely love it! Can't wait to see you and your wonderful pin ;0)

Vivian said...

Lovely pin. Have fun for me while you are at the quilting retreat. I know you guys will have a blast. Don't forget pictures, please.

Christine said...

Pat, what a lovely pin. I hope Americans realise that although the US was attacked on 9/11, things changed for the rest of the world too. Hubby and I just happened to be up watching TV when the first plane struck, and we watched live pictures from then on, finally going to bed at 4am. Took me many months to relax at night after those events, even way over in Australia. The world is indeed a small place and bad things can happen anywhere at any time. Little tokens like your pin are a reminder of shared pain and hopefully shared love.
Christine in Sydney Australia

Francien said...

Love the pin Pat... and the one who has found your first one must be treasure it..its lovely...
Have a wonderful time at the retreat..hope you will make some pictures...
greetings Francien.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Pat your pin is wonderful. But your sentiments are even better and exactly on target. The world is small but our friends are large! blessings, marlene

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