Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Maya's ATC and Postcard"

Last month I mentioned to you that I had just finished an ATC card and a Postcard for a friend in India and I would post them for you to see after she returned from a trip she was on. Naturally, I wanted her to see them before you did. Well, I've heard from her, as she is home now, and since she has seen the you can too. My friend is Maya. I didn't want to mail these pieces to her until I knew she was back home, so they will go into the mail on Tuesday.

A very long time ago, she and I discussed making these cards. And, as I sometimes do...I procrastinated, time got away from me, and Maya did not receive her cards. I certainly hope that when she actually gets to hold these in her hands, she will not mind the wait, bless her heart.

Let's start with the ATC card....2 1/2" x 3 1/2." Maya wanted an ATC with a heart, so this is what I came up with. The background is painted...a tiny remnant of painter's canvas. The heart is hand appliqued and I've used my favorite 'simple stitches' to embroider it. Once again, I have added some of my favorite teeny embroidered satin stitch hearts and beaded the edge as I was taught by my good friend, Nancy Eha, whose books you can find here.

I'm sure I've mentioned, but you may not have read that post, another of my ATC cards appeared in the book, "1000 Artist Trading Cards" by Patricia Bolton, published by
Quarry Books. Should you already have that book, you can find my card on page 151.

Then, there is the Postcard. Maya wanted one with the subject of Home. Since there really is "No Place Like Home" I decided this postcard should say that. And, you know me and trees!
This is 4" x 6" in size. Again, I have used painter's canvas for the background. I'm not a painter....but I LOVE making these backgrounds for my embroidery!!! The little house is appliqued, with the chimney, windows and door painted. The trees have painted trunks and branches with embroidered leaves. And, then, of course, one of my favorite stitches...French Knots make up the flowers. The writing and the birds are done with a permanent pen. The beaded edging, again....just like the ATC card.

I really enjoyed making the address/message side of the post card. I painted a small piece of muslin for this side. I stenciled the gold design dividing the post card in half (I think there is a name for that, but I don't remember it)....used a permanent pen for the writing, and took, from my stash of old postmarks/stamps, this one from Evening Shade, Arkansas, 1972. I wonder whose mail it was on? I don't know because this one came from a gallon jar of old postmark/stamps I bought from the flea market a year or two ago. They are such fun to look at. I trimmed it to fit, then applied it with a thin coat of gel medium...adding a thin coat over top.

So, there you are! Maya will be receiving these in the mail soon. I really did enjoy making these two little things. Hope you enjoyed seeing them!

I'll be posting again....probably on Thursday, as Friday I am leaving for three days to sew and visit with friends at our (now twice yearly) AWOL meeting. Yes, AWOL...."Arkansas Women on the Loose." (Well, it makes sense to us.) So, look for a special HEART on Thursday....take care out there. pat

PS. Also, after I return from my three days of FUN....and get myself together, I will be posting something special regarding flea market my blogging friend, Karen, from Houston, is wondering what I've found lately...stay tuned.


Melissa said...

I love the house postcard, it has a little house on the prairie feel.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Pat, you are a darling for spoiling me. Looking forward to receiving the ATC and the postcard.

Vivian said...

Beautiful post cards. Have fun at your retreat. I wish I could have gone. Considering I haven't been able to talk since Tuesday, I'm glad I did not make the sign up deadline. I don't think I will be going full force by then. So have fun for me too.

Sherry said...

Pat, the stitches of your delicate embroidery against the course texture of the painters canvas makes for such an interesting and beautiful contrast! And, it doesn't take a 16" x 20" canvas to see that you really are a painter! Face it; you're an artist!!!

Sherry in Little Rock

Gaby Bee said...

Both pieces are absolutely amazing, Pat! Everything you create is unique and beautiful. Love your postcard and your ATC!!! I'm sure your friend will adore them.

Enjoy your day!

Gaby xo

FredaB said...

Pat they make me want to start making postcards again. Beautiful work.

Have a great time at your retreat.



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