Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Desk Organizer

I'm spending a lot of time these days preparing for my classes at our guild's quilt retreat next week. A lot of time. Making kits is a chore when there are other things that need doing. Things I don't particularly laundry, cooking, grocery shopping. Well, really, I don't mind those things, in fact, they can all be downright enjoyable. But, not when I've got a zillion things to do and time is running out. That's where I am today.

Do you make lists? I have been a listmaker my whole entire existence. I can remember making lists as a child. I've no idea if I ever accomplished all I listed, but I remember making them. I LOVE checking things off the list! (And, yes, before you think I actually DO everything on the list...know this...some things get carried over to future lists!)

So, this morning, amid all the preparations for classes.....the infamous daily list had to be made. Laundry, pay bills, put a roast in the slow cooker, post on the blog, etc. OH! Posting! My iMac is telling me it's getting late.....and I've nearly forgotten to post! Lots of times I post very late at night, which is my preferred time to do it. No one bothers me. But, today, with so much to do....if I take any kind of detour thinking-wise, I could forget to post altogether and that would not be good. So, here we are and what to talk about? Back to my latest photos to choose about this desk organizer? I made it down at the studio and everyone likes maybe you will and you might make one for yourself.

No, I didn't think of this idea myself. I saw it while reading the archives on one of my favorite blogs. The blog belongs to Karen Valentine. You can visit it here. Her posts are always good and I enjoy my visits there very much. If you'd like to read the post she did on 9-14-2009 about these desk organizers, go here. Leave a comment as I'm sure she'd enjoy hearing from you.

I chose this old book and decided to use some birds to decorate it. Imagine me decorating with birds...who would ever expect that? Anyway, I chose some birds on some scrapbooking card stock to cut out and decorate with.....and as I tend to do, chose some words to accompany the birds. One of the birds was chosen to sit on a card and preside over the nest, so to speak. Others are at the front and back edges of the inside covers. Before I added those birds, I used gel medium to cover the front inside cover of the book with some old looking text....and on the back inside cover, I just added some paper I liked the color of....with more birds, of course.

Those words again....if you read beginning from the top bird and then across the bottom ones, it says
"they were led to the numberless rovings of fancy.' Who knows what that means, but I think it looks and sounds pretty. On the back cover, it says "the airiness of a bird just flit across my fancy." I do so enjoy finding these words and phrases to add to my collages...and now this book/desk organizer.

I have some of my favorite cards from blogging friends displayed in this book. I plan to add more as I collect them. You could use this organizer to display any kind of papers or photos, etc. What do you think? Is it fun, or what? Thanks, Karen, for teaching me something! Y'all have a good weekend coming up and I'll probably post one more time before I leave for the retreat on Wednesday. Now, back to that list!!! take care out there, pat


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh I am a list person too. I think just the writing puts things more firmly in my head.Sometimes I don't even have to look at the list again once I have written it down.

Createology said...

Fabulous display you have created. My grandmother used to fold books in very creative ways. I should have paid attention back then. Making a list and checking it twice...
Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

Claudine brodeuse de perles said...

Vraiment superbe ! Bisous

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