Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Very Special Heart

I intended to post today about something other than what you see here, but I got so excited over this, I had to go ahead and show it to you. So, here's the story. As you've read on this blog before, I love to find heart rocks. I now look for them everywhere I go. My sister and brother-in-law remember that I do this. They live in Texas, where the old navy man and I are originally from. Actually, they live in McGregor, which is near Waco. My brother-in-law, Rick, (a carpenter, originally from the state of Maine) loves to go out in the Texas countryside in search of fossils, petrified wood,etc. The other day, he did just that and found one of those heart shaped rocks. A very special one, as you can see.

Here he is with his pickup loaded with petrified wood. And, in another photo, you can see the heart he found. Turns out he visited a mutual friend's home out in the country...between McGregor and Waco. And went searching. He says he was very excited and surprised to find such nice pieces of petrified wood and in picking them up....looked down and saw this rock, which turned out to be a heart. Of course, that made the day even more he knew the rock would go to ME! How cool is that? What a very nice and thoughtful brother-in-law I have!!!

So, look at the heart....can you believe it? I received a tiny little package from Texas on Friday and couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it. There, inside a tiny red box, was this heart rock.
I had to call immediately and ask if it was a trick. Absolutely not....the story is true, I heard back.
And, I believe it....Rick tells the truth (even when it hurts) of the things that makes him a great brother-in-law. After a careful examination, everyone present at my house at the time (the old navy man, his sister, my father-in-law and me) concluded that it had to be real even though it was so unbelievable. Thank you again, Rick!!!!!

A very special heart....from nature....and from a sweet brother-in-law. How nice he remembered that I am partial to those heart rocks. Lucky me!

In my next post, I'm going to show you a heart delivered to me by someone out there in the universe unknown to that will also surprise you. So, stay tuned! take care, pat


Carol said...

I love heart stones too! I have several, most given to me by my grandson. Can't wait to see your next post.

LindaSonia said...

what am I missing?? what makes this stone so unbelievable? Is it because they are difficult to find or does that gash in the stone mean something?

Anonymous said...

Neat story! Is it too big to make a necklace out of it?

Julie Fukuda said...

As someone who is always picking up rocks (and has way too many) That is a great story. I love the petrified wood too.

Christy said...

Hi Pat .... The first thing I noticed is the gash in the rock. I thought it makes it look like a bleeding heart. Very unusual, I'd say. And it was sitting in Texas just waiting to be sent to you. :-)
Isn't it funny how the Universe works ...

Jaybird said...'ve got a top notch brother-in-law and the sweetest sister ever!!!!!
Tonight I get to go and see all of the good things he has found!!! Yaaayyy.
Hugs to you,

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