Friday, June 15, 2012

Pretty Linens and Two Funny Sisters

Finally, and at last, I am posting after a long break to visit with my sister.  I thought of you, of course, and am glad to be back with you.  Here we are....two funny sisters!  Well, you already know that is me on the left.  That's my sister, Debbie, on the right.  I have two brothers, but she is my only sister and is ten years younger than I.  I must say, she is taller and smarter, but I may be a tad funnier.  It's up for debate, of course.  You might be asking what in the heck we are doing with these goofy helmets on.  Well, my grandson has a motorcycle.  He challenged us to go for a ride with him.  This is one of those instances where I may NOT be funnier, as I wouldn't ride, but Debbie did.  I did, however, consent to have my photo taken in this helmet.  I think we look really silly and that was ok with me.  She's a great girl!!!
Here we are again.  A little more 'in the pink.'  We had been shopping at the local Emporium and she came home with these pretty dolls.  She has a collection of them and these two went home to Texas with her.  It was nice to spend a few days with her, her husband, and their grandson, eleven year old Daniel.  As you may remember, my grandson is nearing 27 years old and there aren't kids here very often....nice to see one once in a while although this one of hers is about four inches taller than I.  Not so little! They sure grow up fast!
I found some know how I love to discover these here and there.  That one with all the pink and blue embroidery is a dresser scarf...fine to use as a table runner too.  There are quite a few pieces here....and I love them all.  Nothing in the world as fun to me as finding someone else's handwork to use, enjoy....and appreciate!
I love the oval linen pieces with crochet around the edges and red flowers embroidered on them.  Just lovely....
as are these red rose cross-stitch pieces with just gorgeous lace borders.  There are four of them, but I'm only photographing one. 
Just look at this border.....delicious!!!  Not to mention the cross-stitch roses!  I've no idea what I will do with them, but it's fun to TRY to think of something different to do with them and, meantime, I can just look and touch!!
 Don't you love them too?
Here are the linen pieces with that shell crochet edging.  I don't know why I don't do this shell on a pincushion or something small.  It's so dainty and I just love looking at it.  Love the French Knot flowers.  These, too, are bound to be included in some gorgeous creation as yet undecided on...but definitely on the 'back-burner' so to speak.
 Just beautiful!!!
This gorgeous edging is on a lovely linen handkerchief......I have a collection of them and never tire of finding these here and there at whatever flea market I am in....I even buy ones that are falling apart as I figure there is still a lot to love (and use) in those pieces.
This gorgeous linen piece with the crocheted scallops is actually a very wonderful mantle cloth.  I am anxious to try it on my mantle and if it doesn't suit me there....I'm thinking it's wide enough to use as a valance on a wide window.  I'm thinking it might look really cool over a drapery made of painter's canvas.  Just love using that stuff for various things.  We'll see.
 Aren't these scallops just divine?
There are four little linen cloths...I think would be so sweet as coasters on the dining table.  I'm really not sure what their intended use was.   Very sweet!

Then, there is that monogram!!!!  How divine is this?  I always buy these when I find them for a couple of dollars...and dream of finding the whole alphabet.  Now, there isn't much chance of that happening, but can you share my dream of making a quilt from all of those monograms?  I'm far from finding them all....but keep looking, just the same.
These colored laces began as plain white ones from the fabric store.  I've used Setacolor to paint them.  I don't know that much about doing it, but try every once in a while and these are my latest attempts.  It's fun and I never know what I will get, and that's about as adventurous as I get around here.
No idea what I will use them on...but doing little things like this means I am never bored.  A good  thing.  
You can also use acrylic paint which has been watered down.  Such fun and not a very large investment in time or money.
 Another view of one of the linen pieces....I'm thinking I will embroider something pretty on this one.
 More goodness to see and love, don't you think?

So, there you are!  A peek at me and my sweet sister....and lots of pretty linens to enjoy.  Hope you will come back as in a couple of days I plan on showing you something really latest quilt purchase....stay tuned and have a very lovely weekend, will you?  I'll be having my Father-in-Law over for lunch on Sunday.  He and the old Navy man are the best Dads I know and I bet you feel the same way about yours! I wish you and your Dad a very Happy Father's Day!!!  See you soon, take care out there, pat


Sherry said...

Oh, Pat, what a great post! All those wonderful linens -- I love every thread and every stitch! You find the best stuff! And, it was great to see you and your sister smiling.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I just loved seeing pictures of you and your sis. I don't have any sisters. I have cousins that I call sisters, but its not the same and we are not close. I think you and I would get along fine. Even though I'm not scared of bikes, I am also not scared to have fun and be laughed with.

Your linens are awesome.

ENjoy Sunday
xx, Carol

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red.neck chic said...

so..... i heard ALL KINDS of stories about you just a little bit ago...

sounds to me like you are BOTH smart and funny and pretty!!!

AND! i've seen your needlework and quilting... good grief - i'm in AWE of your talent!!!

now. i'm off to stalk your blog.

;-D robye

vicki said...

Pat- this is a beautiful post in so many ways--
I love the photos of you and your sister- they are truly priceless. You are both blessed to have each other- I love my sisters so much.

The linens and lace photos are stunning- what wonderful finds! You scored big girlfriend--
Love you-

Claudine said...

J'aime beaucoup le crochet et toutes les dentelles de couleur. De belles trouvailles ! Gros bisous

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