Thursday, June 13, 2019

Wednesday at the Flea Market

So I promised a flea market post on Wednesday night.  Little did I know that it would spill over into Thursday morning.  Trouble with the computer.  Well, was trouble with the operator of the computer.  I have spent several hours on this....and it turns out there was no way I could get all the photos to cooperate with I'll do a Part 2 on Sunday...because now all I want to do is go to bed.

It was a very busy day at the flea.  Kathy and Morgan had gone to some auctions over the weekend, bringing back lots of goodies and it was non-stop for shoppers today.  I'm tired and I didn't do much...Kathy, now, she had to be exhausted.

I got to sort stuff and since it's one of my favorite things to do....I had a FUN day!
It helps, of course...that it's also my therapy day and my flea market friends make me laugh a lot.  That always makes a really good day.

So, I'll show you some of the things that have gone out the door.   

And, one thing that came in the door.  That is the tree in this first photo.

If you read my post of June 5, you will remember I talked about trees.
 Well, Kathy remembered that and at one of the auctions, she found this beautiful tree.

It was drawn using Prismacolor pencils on paper by
Linda Williams Palmer 

And, just a little "aside" my maiden name is Williams.
 I like those little coincidences!


 Here is the story.

And, the really nice part....Kathy gifted it to ME!    I just love it!
I hope you enjoy reading the story of this drawing of the
Championship Ginko Tree of Arkansas.



 While I didn't get as many photos on this post as I wanted, I do hope you enjoy the ones I did manage to get.  So enjoy seeing some of the goodies available today.
 A lot of the blue pieces...including the tea set in the basket, left with new owners today.

 This painting is huge....lots of wood items in the trunks above and behind that quilt, which also left today, is the cutest little ironing board.  Since it came to my house, I'll have to show it to you on Sunday.  It's adorable!

 More from inside the trunk....and boy, did I have a fit over those dishes.  Not a complete set, but oh, so cool.  I'm going to set the table with those and you will see that on Sunday too.

 We are so proud of the library area of the store.  A place to sit and read if you need a break.
The floral loveseat is sold.  The green one is for sitting and reading.  The books are $1 each.
You can't beat that....and there is a huge variety of them.

 More dishes, quilts and miscellany.

And, my goodness!  
This chest is wonderful....with a marble top.
 There is a huge basket under that quilt....and it's filled with small paintings and such.

 The bed sold right away.  I knew it would.  It's lovely.
There were also two sets of twin beds...both sold. 


 And, here is the cabinet that I've shown you before.  It hasn't sold yet.  Which surprises me.  Probably because I just love the old thing.  It haunts me.....since I would buy it myself, but there is absolutely NO room for it at Bird Nest Cottage.
Well, there IS, but I'd have to give up something already in hard for me to do.

 Wonderful old wooden boxes on top....

And, thus endeth the tour for tonight.
It's 1:40 a.m.  
I'm going off to dreamland...probably to think of all the fun at the Junk House today!!
See you on Sunday night.

until next time

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http://thankfullga447 said...

You have a great flea market, it would be dangerous for me. I am trying to downsize.
Love the blue dishes. So glad you wrote the blog now get some sleep.
I just saw the first card you gave me in my box of goodies.

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