Monday, September 29, 2008

The "B" Word

Today, Monday, September 29, 2008, is going down as a very historical day given what is happening on Wall Street and in Washington. Being a concerned citizen, I emailed my Congressional representatives in Washington this morning to register my thoughts. The stock market was down over 700 points at the end of the trading day...the highest number EVER. There are many questions on all our minds. Are we going to hell in a handbasket or what?

I am a nervous wreck...what about you? Having said that, let me say that I don't like being upset like this.......but, I also truly think we must keep calm, go about our business and do our best to make a good day out of this for ourselves and our families and friends. Let's hang in there and take a deep breath.

When I get very upset......I usually try to find something to occupy my mind. One of the things I do, as I've talked about before is rearrange my 'stuff.' Today, I just didn't want to do that, so I decided to just be silly and do something only for the purpose of getting my mind off this bad stuff for just a minute to two. I sort of have the reputation of having lots of 'junk.' Want to see some? Ok! So, here we go - the "B" word today, at this blog, is not Bail is BUTTONS!!!

I have buttons everywhere...including the bathroom. But, that photo will be for another day. Instead, let's go out on the porch! Here are some buttons that I keep in a little birdfeeder on the front porch. This kind of thing makes some of my relatives worry about my state of mind....but who cares?

Then, there are buttons on a small chest just inside my front door. You can see them in a pretty glass, some in a small ceramic basket and even some inside the little cabinet. I think if you click on the photos you can see them up very close. I hope they are clear never know with my photographic skills.

Next you'll see a glass tray filled with lots of buttons and a little iron "birdbath" that is also full of beautiful buttons, including a very large one I bought at the Houston Quilt Festival one has a gorgeous appliqued and embroidered letter E on it. I love it! This glass tray is on the antique washstand in the bedroom.

In the living room, on my ancient coffee table, is a wonderful glass punch bowl full of buttons on cards. Most vintage, but not all. I found the bowl at the flea has a crack in it, so it can't be used for punch...but I think it looks great filled with buttons. It doesn't bother me when old things have "flaws," in fact, I think I care for them more when they do. (If you could see this whole house, you'd know I really like old stuff with flaws!!)

Likewise, the white bowl in the dining room has a little crack....but it's hard to see when it's full of buttons! In this one, I filled it with buttons, then added a silk rose and a vintage yellow bowl, also filled with buttons, with a pink bird perched on it....just too cute! I just love the way it looks....kind of sweet. And, of course, a sweet little bird will just get me everytime!!!

Buttons everywhere! Is any of this silly enough for you? Did it get your mind off anything..even for a minute? Yes, that "B" word...Buttons...always fun to find and to show to you. Well, let's try to think of sweet and, yes, even silly things as we go through the hard days ahead. I'll be thinking of you and I hope you'll send a kind thought to me too. Pat


StitchinByTheLake said...

Scared to death - no. Scared - yes. I asked my husband if I needed to make a trip to Sam's to buy cases of food! We're going to a revival tonight - that will take my mind off of it and put it where it belongs. I love the buttons and I'm downright envious of your collection. I don't have but a few but more and more am coveting ones I see. But oh my, the prices. blessings, marlene

Christine said...

I love this idea, decorating with a collection of anything can be wonderful but especially buttons. I have my nana's button tin stashed away, perhaps I could borrow your idea (in a smaller way though) as I don't have such nice places to display them. I just love your antique washstand, I've always wanted an antique hallstand myself, but in this house we don't have the space. Oh well, one day I may get the kind of heritage house that will suit one.
Thanks for the lovely photos
Christine. said...

As always dear friend I have good thoughts heading your way. Hang in there and hang on. Your things are always beautiful and thoughtful and I so enjoy that you share them with all of us.

Judy said...

It is a big worry isnt' it. I'm trying not to think it about it too much but I'm not having much luck. It is always ready to pounce back in the front of my mind. It just won't stay in the back brain very long. I love your buttons and what a nice way to distract yourself. I love buttons too.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Pat I'm so glad your button collection can distract you and take your mind off the financial mess the world is in,india is a million miles away from Wall Street but we are being affected too.Thanks for sharing,you have a fabulous collection of buttons and what wonderful ways of displaying them.

Gayle said...

When the going gets tough, the tough sort least it works for me. :-)I loved all of your button ideas.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Oh Pat, I just wait too long between visits and then have so much to catch up on. First your mail art is wonderful. I can say, you do "get it". It is to be shared and enjoyed all along its journey. And even our grown up sons smile when they received it. It is one of the most fun things I do. As for the 'B' word. Love that. Of course in my weird head I wondered, do you make everybody check their buttons at the door? And did some forget to get them as they left. What a story.

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